Trump Promises to stay in Race for President during Georgia Speech

| October 12, 2015
(AP Photo/John Locher)

(AP Photo/John Locher)

ATLANTA — Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump visited Georgia last week and was met with a raucous crowd of nearly 8,000.

Trump, who against all predictions by political pundits, is still not only in the race for the Republican nomination, but still leading most polls, promised supporters a wave of negative ads and attack pieces against him are on the way.

However, Trump promised his supporters he’s not going anywhere.

“I love this. I love the people. I love the country. We’re never, ever getting out of this deal — never ever. … We’ll take it to Cleveland where they have the [GOP] convention. And afterwards we’re going to beat Hillary [Clinton] or whoever it is so bad — so bad,” Trump stated.

Trump spoke to supporters for over an hour at the North Atlanta Trade Center in Norcross.

Trump was introduced by former candidate Herman Cain, who now hosts a nationally broadcast political radio show.  Cain was also a successful business man, proud of his “outsider” label.

He told the crowd that those who challenge the Republican “establishment” are often labeled “crazies.”  “The more I see that kind of crazy,” Cain said, “the more I like crazy.”

In an indication of support Trump has received from the African-American community, Trump met with about 40 African-American pastors who had traveled in from across the country.

“I can’t think of a better person, a better leader to lead this country to where America needs to go … to regain our position of prominence and respectability,” said Darrell Scott, a pastor from Cleveland, in a report in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The event indicated the passion his supporters show and their desire to see change in Washington.

The crowd chanted “Trump, Trump, Trump” and cheered his calls of America’s “incompetent” and “stupid” leaders.

They voiced support for his calls to end the Common Core educational standards, to ditch trade deals, and to build a wall on the Mexican border. “I want it to be good-looking because some day they’re going to name it after me: The Trump Wall.”

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