Scott votes Against Budget Act and $1 Trillion Debt Increase

| October 29, 2015

Scott Austin

WASHINGTON, DC – Congress this week passed a bipartisan budget agreement that is designed to keep funding issues out of the discussion related to politics.  Supporters have stated this will ensure politics don’t get in the way of the country fullfilling its debt obligations and funding for important issues such as entitlements and military spending.

Critics note it will saddle the country with 2 years of unprecedented borrowing and spending, swelling the national debt closer to an unimaginable $20 trillion.

U.S. Congressman Austin Scott was not one of those listed a a supporter of the measure.  He released the following statement regarding his “no” vote on the Bipartisan Budget Act:

“This budget deal allows for a trillion dollar increase in the national debt, increases spending by more than $80 billion, gives agencies more authority to fine, and all of this in a piece of legislation that Members of Congress were informed of less than 48 hours prior to final passage,” said Scott. “It is clear that the authorizing committees were not consulted when one of the provisions is a change to crop insurance that was originally rejected in a bipartisan manner by the House Agriculture Committee in the last Farm Bill.”

At Wednesday night’s GOP Presidential debate, Senator Rand Paul stated his plans to join those wishing to stop the measure in the Senate, even planning a filibuster if necessary. The House also voted to name Congressman Paul Ryan as the new Speaker.  How this will affect the business of government budgets going forward remains to be seen.

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