Motorcycles involved in I-75 Accident

| October 10, 2015


VALDOSTA –  An accident involving multiple motorcycles resulted in injuries, including one man being flown to the hospital by Lifeflight.

Friday afternoon, six motorcyclists were traveling north on I-75 when one of the riders hit the rear tire of another.  This caused the driver, Eric Vanderwiede, of Tamarac, FL, to lose control, crash and throw him to the ground.

Another cyclist, Robert Brangan, of Orlando, attempted to avoid the accident, lost control, crashed and was ejected.  Brangan’s motorcyle then struck a semi-tractor trailer truck that was passing the accident in the right lane.

Vanderwiede was flown to Archbold Hospital in Thomasville for treatment to serious injuries.  Bragan refused treatment on the scene but suffered from road rash to his upper torso.

The Georgia State Patrol noted Vanderwiede was following too closely to another motorcycle traveling in his group, which triggered the accident.  No word from authorities as to charges being filed or as to traffic citations.

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3 Comments on "Motorcycles involved in I-75 Accident"

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  1. jae says:

    Praying for all involved

  2. Dennis DiMarco says:

    Call this incident what it is: it is astonishingly stupid to ride side-by-side or too close to a fellow biker at speed. 50 years of riding has taught me that a split-second of inattention on a bike at 70 mph may cost you your life, or in this case your friends or innocent truckers. Riding at a safe distance, thinking about and keeping an open escape path at all times and never endangering a fellow rider should be a bikers number one priority. “But you don’t understand, it was an accident!” No. Sprinkle some vanity in the mix. Wanting to be a part of a riding group and not becoming separated encourages bad decision-making on a bike. One guy speeds up, you speed up. One guy swerves and brakes, the guy behind him is still accelerating to catch up, you see where this is going. We are all guilty of inattention but bikers especially should know it’s life-threatening and there is no second chance.

    • Matthew vander wiede says:

      Well I would like to start by saying that I was the rider he hit.I am also his brother. He is doing good and home now. He broke a couple bones, shoulder blade, wrist,hand, foot, had to have surgery to repair and a lot of road rash. He will be hurting for a while. I was riding a ninja 636. You may know on bikes like this the bars vibrate and make your hands fall asleep. So, I took my hand off the throttle to stretch it and my bike slowed down, with no brake lights. By the time he realized my bike was slowing down, he grabbed the front brake too hard and the front wheel tucked. As a result he was thrown off his bike and that’s when his bike slid into mine. Lesson learned and he is on the mend.