Man who attacked Cyclists Arrested

| October 7, 2015


VALDOSTA — Last month, authorities notified the public they were searching for a suspect who threw a bottle at passing cyclists from his pick up truck. Thanks to the community’s efforts, the suspect has turned himself in to sheriff’s deputies.

Edwards, Willie JamesAn arrest warrant was issued for Willie James Edwards, 54 of Valdosta, after numerous tips from the photo released by the victims led authorities to conduct interviews and present a case.  Edwards turned himself in to authorities on Saturday.  He was released from jail on a $2500 bond.

Though no one was injured from the September incident, it was only because the bottle thrown missed the cyclists and shattered on the asphalt road.  A camera mounted on one of the cycles which took a photo of the truck involved led to the arrest of Edwards.

Edwards was charged with Reckless Conduct.

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11 Comments on "Man who attacked Cyclists Arrested"

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  1. joe graves says:

    It was wrong to try and hurt the cyclist BUT if we have to share the road with them they should have to get tags and insurance and be ticketed for running stop signs and lights and riding on the wrong side of road.

    • Which is completely off topic. You have no idea how the potential victim rides on the road. He or she may very well obey all laws and ride very courteously, or not. You don’t know, I don’t know, and it is irrelevant to the news story.

      If you ride you bicycle enough you will learn very quickly just how discourteous motorists can be, and their lack of respect has the very real possibility of being deadly to you, not just kind-of annoying.

    • CommonSense says:

      Don’t blame all for the actions of the few. Also, we pay taxes on our vehicles and homes just like you. Should we charge kids to ride their bicycles in neighborhoods?

  2. David says:

    A license. Interesting. More government making it IMPOSSIBLE to do anything without the governments permission. Typical liberal nonsense. The issue is THE MAN THREW A BOTTLE AT AN INNOCENT BIKER. HE IS AT FAULT. quit trying to pass off blame and enact new laws to feel vindicated.

    I agree bike riders should be fined for not stopping at stop lights and signs but eh, learn the law before you speak.

  3. Rhett Burroughs says:

    You should get ticketed for such a ignorant comment. You can not insure non motorized vehicles. Anyone can be stupid, it doesn’t take practice.

  4. David Morgan says:

    I salute the majority of drivers for their courtesy. I ride twice a week on Skipper Bridge Road and I have for many years. Only a few drivers are uninformed and impatient, However I have had many close calls. It usually comes in the form of a horn, a finger or someone who will not move over and give me room. I am sure they are just ignorant and have not considered the consequences of the harm they could do if they hit me.

  5. Bill Wilson says:

    Lets’ just hope he finished the beer before throwing the bottle at them. ‘Sin to Waste’.

  6. Van Evanson says:

    There is a law that let’s motorcyclists and bicyclists that let’ them roll through a stop llight after sufficient time has been given to ensure no other traffic is coming from different directions. It is because both motorcycles and bicycles give of a small signature to sometimes not trigger the light.

    • Patrice says:

      When ten cars are stopped at a stop sign or light, the cyclist had better stop!! I have almost hit two idiots who popped past the sign right in front of me as I crossed the intersection! Both idiots LAUGHED!! I complained to the police. The police, of course, DID NOTHING!! Until the cops start treating ALL vehicle operators the same, including motorcycles, bicycles, and semis, responsible drivers of cars are at the mercy of the unfettered idiocy of the other three!! Share the road, yes! However, that means bicycles, motorcycles, and semis share it with US, too!!

  7. Robert. E. Forrest says:

    Well they caught him…finally our streets are safe…..Well you know except for the shootings, robberies, violent assaults, major drug issues, unemployment, etc.

  8. trudy says:

    if a cyclist runs a stop sign or stop light they take a risk of being hit just like any car! last night I was on my way home which is a 30 mile commute going from stop light to stoplight in vallejo california a full size truck with a long trailer decicided he would run me off the road in between stoplights, I raised my hands at the stop light and his comment was ” what did you want me to do B!@tch, I said pass me when its safe! and we were both at the stop light i guess killing a cyclist would be worth sitting ahead of the cyclist at the light!