Georgia Legislators line up Against Budget Deal, and Debt

| October 29, 2015

Georgia Politics


WASHINGTON — Give the members of the Georgia GOP delegation a round of applause: every single one of them voted “NO” on Wednesday’s Congressional budget deal.

The bill, which raises the debt ceiling and increases spending, already has the President’s nod of approval.

“I’m proud of the progress we’ve made in reducing federal discretionary spending over the last four years, but the truth remains we have much more work to do – and until we address our mandatory spending programs, we are ignoring the real problem,” said Representative Rob Woodall. “I’m eager to continue the work of crafting meaningful, long-term solutions to our fiscal problems, but I believe we can do better than this budget agreement.”

Meanwhile, Senator David Perdue is already speaking out against the bill, saying that it, “isn’t a deal, it’s a surrender.”

“Not only does this deal increase the debt from $18 trillion to $20 trillion, but it also violates the responsible budget principles I have been fighting for every day,” Senator Perdue said. “In typical Washington fashion, the insiders get to spend today in exchange for empty promises of savings tomorrow. Why would we trust a system that has proven to be untrustworthy?”

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