Future Farmstead to be Dedicated

| October 9, 2015

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TIFTON — Efficiency and cost-savings are important to almost everyone, but especially for farmers.

The University of Georgia’s College of Agriculture and Environmental Studies is preparing to dedicate their Future Farmstead home.  It’s an experiment focused around making a residential home for farmers as energy efficient as possible.

The house is on the UGA Tifton Campus and will be dedicated at 5 pm on October 15th.

With an estimated energy bill of $24 for the month of September, the main goal of the project is to provide zero net energy consumption.  That means the house would use the same amount of energy it produces.

To achieve zero net energy consumption, the Future Homestead implements innovative technology such as solar panels on the building’s roof, an induction stove that heats the cookware instead of the stove itself. Countertops are installed that use electromagnetic energy to wirelessly charge cell phones, and there is a two-in-one washing machine and dryer that uses less water.

The house also has insulation that is made from recycled blue jeans and is aided by high-density foam to make sure the house is sealed tight. The Farmstead is also accessible to people with handicaps. From the stove to the stairs, every part of the house can be accessed from a wheelchair.

The house will house chosen UGA Graduate Students who will treat the house as classrooms they live in, working to maintain the house as well as offer ideas to improve it.  They will also produce their own food at the site.

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