Brunswick Student charged over Weapons Possession

| October 9, 2015


BRUNSWICK — A Brunswick High student who was seen handling an air pistol as he drove was arrested in the school parking lot Thursday and charged with seven felonies after police found hunting weapons in his vehicle, officials said.

A Glynn County sheriff’s deputy spotted the student just after 1 p.m. driving with an apparent weapon, Glynn County school system spokesman Jim Weidhaas said in a news release.

The deputy radioed Glynn County school police as he followed the student into the school parking lot where the student backed into a parking space, Weidhaas said.

School police officers responded from inside the school and nearby locations as the deputy confronted the student and placed him in handcuffs, Weidhaas said.

The 17-year-old senior was returning to school from having lunch off campus, the release said.

Officers searching his vehicle found a Russian-made revolver, a 12-gauge shotgun, a .22-caliber lever action rifle and a number of heavy hunting knives, Glynn County school police Chief Rod Ellis said.

The student said the weapon the deputy saw was an air pistol, which Ellis said was the case, and the student explained he had been hunting that morning and left the guns inside his vehicle.

The student said he had meant no harm to anyone at the school and was simply playing with the air pistol as he drove, the release said.

Ellis said there was evidence that the student had been squirrel hunting before school and there were other items in the car that indicated he is indeed a hunter.

“I don’t think there is anything sinister going on,” Ellis said. “He just wasn’t thinking.”

A search of the vehicle and the student’s home yielded no evidence of any criminal intent, Ellis said.

Because no other students or staff were ever in any danger, no lockdown was ordered at Brunswick High and the school day continued without disruption, Ellis said.

The student was booked into the Glynn County jail on seven counts of carrying a weapon in a school safety zone, a felony under Georgia law, records show.

Ellis said the teen’s father had warned him to be cautious about where he carried the guns and that his parents are cooperating fully with the continuing investigation.

“We can’t find any evidence of past [disciplinary] trouble,” and the student was on track to graduate early, Ellis said.

Ellis thanked the Sheriff’s Office “for being vigilant and assisting in investigating a suspicious activity on school grounds.”

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