U-Turn in Low Visibility creates Fatal Accident

| September 30, 2015
WALB Photo

WALB Photo

LENOX — Foggy conditions and a driver’s poor decision early Wednesday morning caused an accident which took the life of a south Georgia man.

WALB Photo

WALB Photo

The Georgia State Patrol reported  Cameron David Corbett of Homerville was killed when his pickup truck collided with Scruggs Concrete a semi-truck on Highway 41.

Reports state the driver of the semi, William Foskey, 50, was attempting to make a U-turn after missing a road.  Corbett’s truck collided with the semi, running underneath the trailer, shearing off the pickup truck’s body.

GSP Investigator William Cope told WALB in a report that charges are pending against the semi truck driver.

“If there’s any charges, it’ll be done at the end of the SCRT investigation,” Cope told WALB. “The fog was patchy, thick in a lot of areas, and it did play a factor in this crash.”

Foskey was detained by officials and taken away for questioning.


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  1. Ginger says:

    I normally do not post but this picture of a demolished truck with a white sheet covering it is in very, very poor taste. You can tell a story but the graphic details did not need to be published for the world to see.

    • Robert. E. Forrest says:

      It’s called the NEWS for a reason and shouldn’t be censored. Perhaps the story and photos will prevent another jerk from doing the same thing. Just be happy that VT is posting something that actually happened here and not Daytona or Atlanta.