Thief steals Running Vehicle from Store

| September 29, 2015

Valdosta Police

VALDOSTA — We’ve all been told not to leave your vehicle alone and running.

A victim learned that lesson the hard way Monday, though police were able to recover the vehicle.

Early Monday morning, the victim stopped at the Flash Foods at 1800 North Ashley and entered the store, leaving his 2006 Ford pickup truck running and unlocked.  When he left the store, his truck was gone.

He reported the theft to Valdosta Police who entered the vehicle in a national database as stolen.  Later that morning, Volusia County (Daytona) authorities notified Valdosta Police that they had recovered the vehicle and made an arrest.

Jamarca Manson, 23 of Valdosta, was arrested for Felony Theft by Taking a Motor Vehicle.  He is being held in Daytona awaiting extradition and on other charges in Florida.

Police have video evidence of a suspect matching Manson’s description taking the vehicle.  Further, Volusia County authorities examined the vehicle for evidence of the theft.

Next time, turn off your vehicle, lock your car, and take your keys.

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