A Day of Remembrance and Resolve: “Earn This”

| September 11, 2015


Chip Harp, Valdosta Today Editor

Much has been said about the events 14 years ago on that clear September morning.  We know well the heroism of so many, from New York, to Washington, to the air over Pennsylvania.  We know the sacrifice so many more have made in bringing those responsible to justice.  We know the fight continues to rage, despite the claims and naivety of some.

Today is a day to recall the ugly face of evil as those 19 Islamic terrorists, part of al-Qaeda, hijacked four airliners to act as flying bombs against innocent people.

Today is also a day to let that remembrance fuel our resolve to do all we can to protect our freedoms and earn the right to pass them down to our children, and their children.

That right comes with an expensive price tag.

History is littered with destroyed civilizations who were unable, or maybe unwilling, to do what was necessary to preserve their rights and dignity.  Will we be next to follow that fate?

If like me, your jaw tightens every time you see the photo of those planes smashing into the World Trade Center, consider the old adage that Freedom isn’t Free.  Make this a day of resolution as well as remembrance.  What must we do to ensure those whose sacrifice has provided today’s freedom, wasn’t wasted on indifference and a lack of appreciation for what it really means to be FREE?

To paraphrase Tom Hanks’ line in the Steven Spielberg movie Saving Private Ryan, we must always be willing to “Earn this…”

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