Steinhatchee faces Flooding Issues

| August 5, 2015
WCTV Photo

WCTV Photo

STEINHATCHEE – Swelling floodwaters have caused several Steinhatchee residents to leave their homes.

The Taylor County Board of Commissioners also declared a local “state of emergency” due to flooding in these neighborhoods.

What used to be the roads in several neighborhoods are now flooded with up to three feet of water.

“There are a lot of people out there really losing some valuable stuff,” one resident told WCTV in an interview.

The water has reached several homes, but no rescues have been made.

No mandatory evacuation has been called for, but several residents have left their homes temporarily to stay with family.

Others have chosen to stay at their homes. On one of the most affected streets, River Rd., residents have left their homes by boat only when necessary.

As part of the county’s state of emergency, officials say they are ready to help anyone in need. Officials have already delivered drinking water to two different families.

No one has been displaced from their home at this time, but county officials say they have teamed up with Red Cross, and there will be a shelter available to anyone in need.

The flooding of the Steinhatchee River comes from the storms of this past weekend. Officials say 20 different roads have had to be closed in the area.


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