Police thwart Counterfeit Ring

| August 27, 2015

Valdosta Police

VALDOSTA — Valdosta Police have made arrests related to a counterfeit check ring with several arrests reported.

Sunday, August 16, Valdosta Detectives Derrick Keene and Kari Bennett received a tip that subjects were traveling around Valdosta attempting to pass counterfeit checks at local businesses.

Detectives Keene and Bennett located three individuals: Christopher Crumpton, 44, Malinda Spargo, 20, and Joseph Jackson, 24. An investigation revealed that Crumpton’s brother, Curtis Crumpton, 43, was producing the counterfeit checks while Spargo and Jackson and Christopher Crumpton were passing the checks at local Publix, Walmart and Winn Dixie locations.

Arrest Warrants were obtained for all parties.

Then, 10 days later, on August 26, Narcotics Detectives and the Power Squad were able to locate and arrest Christopher Crumpton, Spargo and Jackson.

Christopher Crumpton has been charged with 4 counts of misdemeanor forgery, one count of theft by deception, and one count of littering.

Malinda Spargo has been charged with 3 counts of forgery and 1 count theft by deception.

Joseph Jackson has been charged with 3 counts of forgery and one count of theft by deception.

Curtis Crumpton was not located. He is wanted for four counts of forgery and theft by deception.

“Detectives Kari Bennett and Derrick Keene worked hard on these cases and their efforts ensured numerous other citizens and businesses would not be victims. I am very proud of their efforts”, said Chief Brian Childress.

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  2. Rex Reed says:

    Nice job busting those thugs. Now I hope the judge takes your efforts in to consideration during sentencing. These people want something for nothing? Then it’s free room and board down at the local jail.