Legislation attempts to Ban Confederate Flag on Florida Gov’t Property

| August 22, 2015

confederate battle flag

TALLAHASSEE — Legislation filed in the State Capitol would ban the flying of Confederate flags over Government buildings in Florida, but the idea is likely to be met with stiff resistance.

The Confederate flag flying at the courthouse in Walton County has generated calls for an economic boycott of the County’s popular beaches. Marion County’s flag at the government complex has drawn thousands of supporters and protesters.

Now, one state lawmaker, Sen. Geraldine Thompson (D-Orlando), wants the controversy to be over, by banning the flying of the Confederate flag on any public property.

“All of the taxpayers pay for those properties. And may not really believe, or may not accept what’s being projected by the symbols,” says Thompson.

About 14,000 Floridians— a fifth of the white population at the time— fought for the Confederacy; a third of them died.

One of those who fought was state Rep. Dennis Baxley’s great-great-great-grandfather.

“You know, as a descendent of a Confederate soldier, I feel like I’m being asked to demean that history” says Baxley.

The legislation has also fired up the Sons of Confederate Veterans and David McCallister who says it dishonors those who served.

“I think it’s really a slap in the face of the Confederate veterans who were United States Veterans as well, and a slap in the face as well to their thousands and thousands of descendants,” says McCallister.

The legislation bans not just flags, but emblems as well.


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