Gainesville Violin Teacher arrested on Child Molestation Charges

| August 12, 2015

Gainesville GA

GAINESVILLE — A Gainesville violin teacher has been arrested in the wake of allegations that he molested a student for half a decade.

The Hall County Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday the arrest of 85-year-old Leon Messerlian, the dean of Gainesville’s Oxford Academy of Classical Studies. He is being held at the Hall County jail on charges of child molestation, sexual battery and enticing a child for indecent purposes.

messerlianDeputy Nicole Bailes said Messerlian, a Clermont resident, is accused of “utiliz[ing] his business … to have inappropriate sexual contact with a minor.”

The student who made allegations claimed the molestation occurred at the business over a five-year period. Bailes said that, as of Tuesday, no other alleged victims had come forward.

“Messerlian has been in business in Hall County for 14 years so it will take us some time to sort through his books to reach all of his students or parents,” Bailes said. “We are currently conducting interviews with the families that we are aware of.”


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8 Comments on "Gainesville Violin Teacher arrested on Child Molestation Charges"

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  1. jae says:

    Castrate him ….problem solved

  2. Gainesville, Florida and that is the picture you posted..Isn’t in Hall County…it is ALACHUA COUNTY..NEVER HEARD OF HALL COUNTY IN FLORIDA.

    • Chip Harp says:

      The image posted is of Gainesville, Georgia, the county seat of Hall County.

      • jae says:

        I’m glad you cleared that up for Debbie Driggers which has nothing to do with what this person did to those poor children. Should we explain what molestation upon children means ? Smh

    • jae says:

      Just what does that have to do with what he was arrested for?

  3. jae says:

    Now back to the issue at hand ..wonder if he has kids? And how would he feel if it were his kids on the receiving end….oh wait that may be worth looking into

  4. Elgarth Fairchild says:

    Dat Mustache though…..