Failure to leave store leads to Tasing of Drugged Suspect

| August 11, 2015


VALDOSTA — Despite a Lowndes County Deputy’s best efforts to defuse a strange situation, force was eventually used to restrain a suspect under the influence of Meth and Molly.

Saturday night, around 3:30 AM, an employee of a Valdosta store called 9-1-1 regarding a customer inside the business acting strange.  Employees could not get him to leave the store. Once the first deputy
arrived, he met the suspect, Terry Allen, inside the store. Allen was mumbling to himself and holding a bottle of water that he had not yet paid for.

While speaking with Allen, the deputy realized he did not have enough money to pay for the water so the deputy paid the balance due and continued asking Allen to leave the business. Allen continued standing at the counter mumbling and would not leave the store.

As the deputy continued to insist that Allen leave the store, the suspect became aggressive and began fighting with the deputy. An additional deputy arrived and assisted, but they were unable to restrain Allen who was aggressively resisting.

A deputy then drew his Taser and after giving the proper verbal warning, tased Allen.  However, that was not effective.

Allen leaped over the counter and continued to struggle with the deputies before being tased a second time.

Despite the use of the Taser, Allen continued to fight and deputies were forced to tase him a third time.  That was enough to subdue the suspect and as other deputies arrived he was handcuffed.

After being subdued, Allen told the deputies he had taken Methamphetamine and “Molly” prior to the incident. Out of an abundance of caution, an ambulance was called to the scene due to the erratic and aggressive behavior demonstrated by Allen.  He was taken to South Georgia Medical Center to be evaluated and was released to the Lowndes County Jail.

The two deputies were also treated and released from the hospital for injuries received during the fight.

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