Adel Police Chase ends in Turner County

| August 16, 2015


ADEL — Authorities pursued a suspect who fled a traffic stop in Adel all the way to Turner County near Ashburn.

Saturday night, officers of the Adel Police Department attempted to pull over a vehicle in Cook County. The driver, Markelle Know, slowed down, but then sped away.

As the chase entered Tift County, Georgia State Patrol troopers tried to use a pit maneuver but slid off the rear of the vehicle and ran into a concrete barrier. An injured trooper was taken to Tift Regional Medical Center for non life-threatening injuries.

A second GSP unit later successfully executed a pit maneuver on the vehicle and the suspect was apprehended and taken to Turner County Jail.

Knox is being charged with fleeing, reckless driving, and a list of other charges that include driving on the emergency shoulder.

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