Academic Bar to enter UGA rises again

| August 7, 2015

University of Georgia

ATHENS — The average SAT score for University of Georgia topped 1300 for the first time ever.

The incoming class of about 5,300 first-year students also posted a record high school grade point average of 3.91, according to an announcement from UGA.

As the state’s population has grown, along with UGA’s academic reputation, gaining admission to UGA has grown increasingly difficult.

This year the university’s admissions office received more than 22,000 applications, another record.

UGA admitted about 52 percent of them, and around half of those admitted chose to enroll at UGA.

About 1,550 transfer students will also enroll in UGA classes this fall.

About 10 percent of the class was admitted to the university’s Honors Program; those 525 students averaged 1469 on the SAT and 4.07 on high school grades.

Among other characteristics of the class:

• Just under 70 percent identified as Caucasian; about 12 percent are classified as Asian, 8 percent are African American and 6 percent Hispanic.

• About 86 percent are from Georgia, representing 133 of Georgia’s 159 counties. UGA did not provide a breakdown, but in recent decades, UGA students have come disproportionately from metro Atlanta. Most of the out-of-state students are from nearby southern states such as North Carolina, Florida and South Carolina, but other large states such as New York, Pennsylvania and Texas are also among the states sending the most non-Georgian students to the university.

• Some 59 percent are women vs. 41 percent men, roughly the same ratio of other freshman classes in the recent past.

• 16 percent dually enrolled in college and high school, compared to 3 percent a year ago.

• Many aspire to careers in business or health sciences; the top declared majors include biology, biological science, biochemistry/molecular biology, business, finance, marketing, psychology and computer science.

• Nearly all,about 94 percent, enrolled in Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses in high school.

“UGA’s future is bright,” said Patrick Winter, associate vice president for admissions and enrollment management, in a press release. “The incoming class represents some of the top scholars, leaders, innovators and artists from across Georgia, the nation and the world. They have achieved at an incredibly high level already and I am looking forward to welcoming them to campus. I can’t wait to see what they are going to accomplish at UGA.”

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