Abduction Attemps Continue in Tallahassee

| August 20, 2015


TALLHASSEE — An attempted abduction along Miccosukee Road in Tallahassee is the second this summer– and the sixth this year.

The attacks seem to be concentrated on that stretch of road in the northeast part of town – and on a corner near FSU’s campus.

The latest attack happened along Miccosukee Road just north of Capital Circle.

A 15-year-old walking along the road Saturday night was pulled into a pickup truck by a slender black man but managed to escape.

It’s stunning news to John Alvarez who lives just down the street.

“My wife runs right on that stretch of road,” Alvarez said, “but that really does concern me so she may need to look into an alternate route or she may need to carry something like pepper spray with her.”

It happened just blocks from an apartment complex on Miccosukee Commons Drive where a woman reported being tackled in the parking lot by a man with a gun on July 12th.

These incidents took place in the northeast part of town – four others happened near the corner of Call and Conradi Streets right near FSU’s campus.

According to Tallahassee Police:

The most recent abduction attempt near campus was July 22nd – 3:30 am – a woman fought off a man in a white four door with a gun. That happened on Conradi Street.

Before that – May 20th – 8pm – a man walking by grabs a woman and puts a hand over her mouth. That happened on Call Street.

March 2nd – 1:40am – a man tried to pull a woman into a black pick up truck. That happened near Copeland and Lafayette Street.

And February 25th – 6am – a man tried to pull a woman into a white of silver car. That happened near the corner of Call and Conradi Streets.

“It’s a little scary,” FSU student Amanda Ryals said. Ryals walks this way every day. She tries to avoid walking alone after dark.

“I think this kind of thing is more like a crime of opportunity .


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