VMS, VHS removed from State Focus School List

| July 31, 2015


VALDOSTA – Valdosta Middle School and Valdosta High School have been officially removed from the Georgia Department of Education’s Focus School List.

These two schools were focus schools because they are Title I schools that had the largest within-school gaps between the highest-achieving subgroup(s) and the lowest-achieving subgroup(s) and, at the high school level, had the largest within-school gaps in graduations rates.

Under Georgia’s renewed Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) flexibility, the criteria for Priority and Focus Schools are now fully aligned with the College and Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI), allowing for a more transparent measure with which districts and schools are already familiar.

The Georgia Department of Education released the list of Georgia’s Priority and Focus Schools on July 8. Interim superintendent, Dr. Alvin Hudson, said “It’s a great day to be a Wildcat! I’m so pleased to announce that there were no Valdosta City Schools identified as Priority or Focus Schools. We are so proud of the dedication and laser focus from Valdosta Middle and Valdosta High School’s administration, teachers and students to increase student achievement. Their hard work has paid off. What a great way to start the 2015-16 school year.”

Getting Valdosta High School off of the focus list was a collaborative effort that included a lot of hard work and dedication from everyone. Now together we can celebrate this accomplishment. Teachers at Valdosta High School truly care about their students and their individual achievements. “At Valdosta High School we are in the business of graduating students and preparing them for limitless opportunities,” said Dr. Janice Richardson, principal of Valdosta High School.

Valdosta Middle School echoed the sentiments of Valdosta High School. “It is quite an achievement for our administrators, faculty and students. We built in instructional time for our entire student body to address areas of concern. Together we made great strides and the ultimate goal of coming off the focus school list was reached,” said Beth DeLoach, principal of Valdosta Middle School.

Valdosta City Schools

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  1. billeeg says:

    If You are a Property Owner in Lowndes County , look at your Property Tax bill >>>> Never Forget…IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY… Our Public School System is a absolute failure.. It has become a Zoo, of government employees and the off spring of Parasites.. Bus’em , Feed’em , baby sit’em , council’em , try to educate’em , then ..Feed’em agin and give them a ride home to eat from EBT cards… WTF….time to get real , if you don’t come to school to LEARN , then DON’T COME…but, NO – the admin wants the daily dollar. They are PUPPITS , with Gov pulling the strings. What we need to fix this is NOT ,,,more gov employees and / or GRANTS. All Grants come with strings attached to our PUPPITS….plus, a gov educated idiot that only applies for these GRANTS at 100K + a year. Our students could be divide into 3 groups 1) those that want to learn and have College potential 2) not in 1st group but need Vocational Skills & 3) pre-detention candidates…Do this and you may find group 1 has teacher ratio of 100 to 1……group 2’s ratio will be @ 50-1…and hell, let group 3 take care of themseves since they know it all & won’t listen or shutup anyway…. Turn the AC off for #3 and let the animals take care of themselves… If we must feed’em, make it the basics..and healthy basics only. If you don’t like what’s on the table, you get nothing, you’ll be hungry tomorrow. Start with this and you will see the grades improve at COST we the taxpayers can afford…..Oh Yea – 1 more suggestion…..Non English speaking people can NOT enroll until they speak ENGLISH , period

  2. Guest 182 says:

    Bill, don’t diss the school system that, judging by your spelling and grammar, you either didn’t attend or graduate from.