US Marshals Seize Bell Family Electronic Devices

| July 23, 2015

Brian Bell

VALDOSTA — Reports have emerged that the family of Brian Bell has become the target of action by U.S. Marshals through the U.S. Attorney’s office.  This action is related to their connection in the investigation of the death of Kendrick Johnson.

Cell phones and computers belonging to the Bells were seized Tuesday by U.S. Marshals, according to published reports.

WCTV stated that this had been confirmed by the Bell family attorney, after an Instagram post by Brian Bell, was circulated on social media.

The lengthy post supposedly posted by Brian Bell, states that on Tuesday morning, around five a.m, he was awakened by five U.S. Marshals, in his college dorm, demanding his cell phone.

The post continues stating that Bell handed over the phone as instructed.  He makes a commentary that he told authorities to “take all of my family’s members’ phones. We’ve had nothing to hide from the beginning. I can’t believe the measures they’ve gone to.”

The WCTV report states they contacted U.S. Attorney Michael Moore’s office, but, as has been their policy, they would not comment on the case.

Brice Ladson, the Bell family attorney, told WCTV in a statement:

“Yesterday at 3:30 am, the Bell family was awakened at their home by government agents, executing search warrants in a federal Grand Jury investigation about the death of Kendrick Johnson which is almost 2 years old – a case in which no one has been indicted and in which there is no evidence to implicate involvement of the Bells or any member of the Bell family.

The case is built solely on suspicion, innuendo and rumor, not evidence. The government agents executed sweeping searches of the Bells’ home, as well as the home of Taylor Eakin and her family. The government agents seized computers, cell phones and other property, including at least one work computer – an act which now threatens the ability of Karen Bell to carry out the duties of her job.

The computers and personal phones also contain correspondence with the Bell family lawyers, all of which is privileged under the law. The government now possesses the privileged communications of the Bells and their lawyers, including communications in their defamation suits against Ebony Magazine and its publisher and members of the Johnson family. In addition, the government now has the communications between the Bells and the lawyers representing them in a completely frivolous $100 Million lawsuit filed by the Johnson family.

The Bell and Eakin families will take every legal step available to protect their constitutional rights and their ability to work and pursue litigation necessary to restore their good names.”

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6 Comments on "US Marshals Seize Bell Family Electronic Devices"

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  1. billeeg says:

    …It is going to get worse… The rabbit has the gun, the justice dept is controlled by who ? yep, damn rabbit… Gov & its agents are immune from liability, and it starts at City Hall in Valdosta, then moves to our Commissioners, BOE, State, then Feds ( Mr Bell was or is a Gov Agent so I’m kinda glad he gets a taste of the whip he carried )..Gov makes the rules & changes them when needed, so the Bells are screwed…Gonna get worse, before it gets better…..But I gotta ask, ” Mr Bell, how many doors did you bust down or arrive at 5 am, when you were with the FBI ?” Hummm- You know how this works out don’t you ? yep, you know……out of court settlement w/ non-disclosure, paid for by you & I with Property Taxs, which more than doubled this year…Johnson’s liars (lawyers) gotta get paid, so run the expences as high as possible, johnsons get peanuts, courts cost gets paid, The Only People That Are Punished Will Be The TAX-PAYER….damn,it’s hot

  2. Charles Overgaard says:

    The constitution is color driven now financially driven .the Jhonson family I hope get what they deserve and they pay dearly for it

  3. Sam says:

    Sounds like Brian Bell did kill that poor kid and an entire community covered it up. Its a damn shame. Praying for all.

  4. billeeg says:

    Just to clarify, I don’t thik Bell had anything to do with KJs death, BUT- “It ain’t no fun when the Rabbit has the gun”… what does that mean ? Stop whining about being searched by the Feds, It is the same “dang” way your Daddy put food on your table. Now,Brian, you know how the truth don’t matter when it comes to the Law & lawyers. It is a game for money…wait & see,,, Johnson’s liar gets paid in full , court costs get paid , Johnson family gets enuf to go to Disney World for a weekend and Us taxpayers get the shaft… Any $$ money $$ that is awarded will be paid by Us property owners… By the way, my property taxes more than doubled this year.

  5. GA/FL says:

    The night time invasion of the Bell home is typical Obama administration TERRORIST/THUG TACTICS + Sharpton/Crump race hoax.

    Obama started right away with the Gibson Guitar case. He has mis-used every agency of government as a weapon to attack conservatives and anyone who disagrees with his agenda.

    Crump is a race activist as well. For example, with the help of Julison, he created a fictitious media narrative of an innocent child Trayvon Martin out of a drugged up violent thug and made the Zimmerman family (no racists) the true victims.

    Sharpton, well, everyone can name several of his famous cases that turned out to be scams and it is widely known his agenda is money, money, money.

    Their tactics have a pattern that is clear and constant.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Sheriff Chris Prine and the State of GA investigators did the best anyone could to determine the cause of Kendrick Johnson’s death. These people are not racists, but hard working dedicated professionals.

    If the Bells were guilty – and if the cause of death was murder – by now it would have come to the surface.

    By the way, Benjamin Crump is a big FSU supporter…that is probably why FSU broke their agreement with Brian Bell.