Scott Orders Florida Guardsmen to be Armed

| July 21, 2015

Scott Rick

TALLAHASSEE — Florida Governor Rick Scott has ordered all National Guardsmen to be armed following the recent attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

He also relocated recruiters to armories, instead of at storefronts.
On Saturday, Governor Rick Scott announced an executive order that, he says, will offer more protection for the state’s National Guard.

“I don’t want anything like what happened in Tennessee to ever happen here,” says Scott.

The order requires the six recruiting stations across the state to be temporarily moved into nearby armories. The guardsmen may return to storefronts after security improvements are made.

“I’m going to do everything under my power to make sure every member men and women of our national guard is safe and i think we need to be doing that for the military all across our country,” says Scott.

Scott is also ordering law enforcement to do regular security checks at the armories, and full-time members of the guard to be armed. The Florida Department of Military Affairs says that the threat level is being evaluated, but couldn’t give too many details.

LT Justin Phillips with the Department says, “It really comes down to our leadership’s decision and further more we really try not to discuss the level of security and how we implement security measures for the safety of our guard members.”

The governors of five other states have also issued similar orders.
As for the gunman in the Chattanooga incident– family members say he had been treated for depression since his teens. Authorities are still trying to learn more about his trip to Jordan last year.


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