Moultrie Girl needs Assistance for Kidney Transplant

| July 19, 2015


MOULTRIE — Annalisa Illian of Moultrie comes across as a normal 14 year old girl.

Just by looking at her it’s hard to tell that since age 3 she’s suffered from an enlarged heart, congestive heart failure and kidney failure.

“I’ve been taking medication for a really long time. I use to hate it but it’s just like a normal thing. It’s like second nature to drink horrible tasting stuff,” said Annalisa Illian.

Luckily through medication and a strict diet, Annalisa’s heart is back to normal.

With Annalisa’s parents being unable to donate a kidney they turned to family members.

Annalisa’s cousin Dawn Martin was the first to step up to the plate. Unfortunately martin was not a direct match, but doctors told martin she could still be used as a bridge donor.

“They’ll find someone that will match Anna, someone that I will match and doing this they’ve actually had I’ve heard up to six person match where six donors have received kidneys that they’ve needed in the past because one person agreed to be a bridge donor,” said Martin.

Annalisa’s parents Karen and Doyle says they couldn’t be more thankful.

“I told Dawn thank you for her sacrifice and she told me Aunt Karen, don’t you dare say this is a sacrifice. She said this is just family,” said Annalisa’s Parents Karen and Doyle Illian.

And while there is still a possibility Annalisa’s body rejects the kidney. She says she still remains faithful in God’s plan for her.

“I know he’s going to use this as an opportunity for me to maybe tell other people that have this same problem about it. And try to help them through it too,” said Annalisa.

To find out more information on Annalise you can log onto her Facebook Page at

If you’re interested in making a donation to Annalise you can contact her local campaign manager Angie Craig at 229-529-0963 or via email at

To mail in donations you can send them to COTA for AnnalisaI at P.O. box 2378 Moultrie, Ga 31768.


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