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| July 16, 2015



Are we still the greatest country on Earth?

Absolutely. Without Question.

Are we doing serious damage to ourselves?

Absolutely we are. Decay of our economy and society are painfully obvious. Moral standards continue to slip and logical solutions that used to be second nature are dismissed out of hand because our populace is wimpy. Yes, I said it. The people of the United States are not tough enough to make the tough choices and stick with them. Granted, the leadership of our country is poor but we have only the voters and those that should vote to blame. Our population has those who pay attention and are informed, those who are clueless but think they are informed based on what others tell them, and those that have no clue that there is life outside 10’ from themselves. All of these groups have voters and nonvoters which is a big part of the problem. Those that are not informed really should not vote but these people are easily influenced with passionate arguments that have no basis in fact.

Example 1: Global Warming, which has now been termed climate change, is nothing but a brilliant PR campaign. This was exposed in 2011 but the press buried it because it hurts the causes they support (http://www.forbes.com/sites/jamestaylor/2011/11/23/climategate-2-0-new-e-mails-rock-the-global-warming-debate/ ) .

Is climate changing?

Probably. Geologic evidence shows that oceans used to be 400’ higher than they are now. However, our tracking of information has only been over the last 100 years or so and not very dependable for most of that. This is an insignificant blip in historic data when we are talking about millions of years. Oh and it is such a huge deal that Al Gore owns planes, drives gas guzzlers, and recently bought a beach home in California.

Dr. Patrick Moore (former International President of Greenpeace) debunks a great deal of the arguments made by the crazies out there. I encourage you to seek his book and make up your own mind. http://www.idahoforests.org/sensible.htm

Example 2: A treaty with Iran?


We are giving the leading State Sponsor of Terrorism $150 billion over the next few months and lowering all economic sanctions in return for their promise to not make nuclear weapons for the next 10 years and to allow UN inspectors to visit sites with a 26 day warning. First of all, Iran has repeatedly pledged to destroy the United States and Israel (as recently as last week) and actively sponsors terrorists. What are we thinking? Iran has never lived up to any agreement it has signed with anyone.

Example 3: The continued decline of society. The latest example is gays in the Boy Scouts and gay marriage. The National Health Interview Survey reported in July 2014 that 1.6 percent of Americans identify as gay or lesbian. Why are we altering social norms for such a minute population? I understand that homosexuals want to be accepted as normal. Guess what? Most of us already accept you but do not and will not view you as normal. I have good friends that are gay, which does not bother me at all. By forcing us to now allow gay marriage, it will only divide us further as a society. Why couldn’t civil unions just have allowed the same rights as a marriage and not called it marriage. I think that would have been an acceptable compromise for most people.

Example 4: Outrageous heavy handedness of Government. Imminent Domain, Obamacare, disappearance of States Rights, and loss of rights of the individual. The Federal Government was really set up as a military alliance of sovereign states in our Constitution. The States were meant to govern themselves and even market themselves differently to attract population like a company attracting consumers to their products. Instead, the Federal Government is making the States more and more alike by force. This is not a good thing. We are losing our individualism which is a founding principle of what Americans are about. Unfortunately, too many in our Country do not even notice.

I will regularly comment on things local, national, and international to hope and bring knowledge to the citizens of our area and beyond. Please feel free to comment back on the page any time. Healthy discussion is always welcome.

The Lonehorseman, a local businessman who is involved in the community and has worldwide experience.  A wide variety of experiences will be discussed.  Please feel free to share your opinions and discuss with others in the community.

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