Grandmother who left Child in Hot Car Faces Charges

| July 23, 2015

Valdosta Police

UPDATE:  VALDOSTA — Valdosta Police have issued an arrest warrant related to the grandmother who left her grandchild in a car in a parking lot during sweltering conditions.

An arrest warrant was issued for Anissa Reaves, 43, for reckless conduct regarding the incident.

Tuesday afternoon, a citizen called 911 to report a child (reported to be 2-years old) had been left in a vehicle in the Walmart parking lot on Norman Drive in Valdosta.

Due to the extreme heat, the citizen took action and removed the child from the unlocked vehicle.  The citizen then took the child inside the Walmart to the Customer Service Desk.

The police report stated that the small child appeared to be soaked with sweat but was alert. The grandmother of the child was located in the store.  Her reasoning for leaving the child in the car was that he was asleep.  She took a second grandchild into Walmart with her. She indicated to officers that she left the front windows cracked and the doors unlocked with the child sleeping inside.

Police reviewed security video, determining that the child had been left in the vehicle approximately 12 minutes before being removed from the car. The temperature Tuesday in Valdosta at that time was approximately 96 degrees with a heat index of 107, according to Lowndes County 911.

EMS was called in to medically check out the child. The child was then transported to SGMC to be evaluated for dehydration.

The mother of the child, who was at work, was contacted and taken to SGMC to be with her child. Lowndes County Department of Family and Children Services was notified about the incident. The child was released to his mother’s care after treatment at the hospital.

The case is being investigated and charges are expected to be filed against the grandmother for reckless endangerment.  At the time of this report, the arrest warrant has not yet been completed.

Authorities applauded the quick, logical thinking of the concerned citizen, stating that it was instrumental in keeping this child from suffering serious medical complications.

In this extreme heat, people or pets should not be left in a vehicle for even a short period of time. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can happen quickly with deadly results.

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20 Comments on "Grandmother who left Child in Hot Car Faces Charges"

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  1. billeeg says:

    OK, granny made a mistake, She don’t need charges and Government Idiots getting involved.. WE don’t need all these Government Idiots being involved in everything… If the investigator looks around the office he/she is in, there they will find the ones who need investigating.. We blame our elected for the problems we have But I say, the problems are the result of the civil service employees that have been promoted to management and were affirmative action hires…So—LEAVE GRANNY ALONE, she has suffered enuf from this….

    • Sara Smith says:

      Wow, your ignorance is astounding! What if the child had died? Would you be singing the same tune? Ignorance does not justify behavior, nor does it excuse you from the law. Mistake or not, this is a prosecutable crime and she should be held responsible under the eyes of the law.

    • Understanding parent says:

      If that was your child or grandchild, I highly doubt you would reflect the same sentiment. I understand your unhappiness with the powers that be but that in no way removes responsibility from this child’s guardian. Let’s be for real, if any of us saw this child in a car in this sweltering heat, we would hope someone would do something. As for government idiots, all of us who still have the right to vote have a say in who holds these positions. Vote!

    • Marilyn Turner says:

      I think charges should be filed as I am a grandmother and would never leave my grandchild in a car in this hot weather. Had the person not taken the child out of the car it could have been seriously injured or maybe even have died. People need to understand you just do not leave a child or pet in a car in this hot weather. Maybe if enough people are charged with this it will deter people from leaving children and pets in cars, which could save lives.

    • Jim Zachary says:


      We are looking for good writers at the Valdosta Times.

      We need you.

      You are a great writer.

      Bob Woodward is my hero.

      Call and ask for Jim.

      Thank you.

      You are great.

      We need you.

  2. Not A Surprise says:

    Why should this surprise anyone? The fact the grandmother shops at Wal-Mart indicates low intelligence.

    Then again, this is South Georgia where most people are not very intelligent – to put it nicely.

    • Brittany says:

      What in the world does shopping at Walmart have to do with low intelligence? On another note, I personally know many VERY intelligent people here in South Georgia. Not sure where you got the crazy idea that South Georgians aren’t very intelligent from but okay. What ever makes you feel better. There’s no sense in being judgemental. That’s what’s wrong with the world today. How about you keep the family in your prayers rather than down someone.

    • 6ftofsunshine says:

      This comment shows that you have low intelligence. People shop at Walmart all over everyday and are very well educated and intelligent. I happen to be a South Georgian and I’m intelligent. So intelligent that I’m laughing at your dumb comment. Stop passing judgement and learn to pray. This world is full of idiots let’s not add to the number.

    • Sara Smith says:

      Yankee go home. We don’t want your brand of stupid here.

    • Rachel says:

      It’s shows your intelligence by the ignorant comment you made. Bless your heart.

  3. Lizbeth Sharp says:

    Dear ‘not a surprise’ treated your family at Greenleaf

  4. Holly says:

    For starters, where we shop is no indicator of intelligence. For two, I am a highly intelligent, county government employee who assists in running an administrative board. It requires extreme organizational, communication, and computer skills, among other things; so I take those stabs at government employees very personally. And three, I don’t care who you are…if you are stupid enough to leave a child in a hot car, you deserve to face the consequences. Laws are laws for a reason. Would you have had the same opinion if the child had died? I for one, as a parent, would have been thankful and relieved if someone saved my child’s life. I’m proud to say that my niece was the individual who saved this child, who happens to be a single, young mother of a 1-year-old. Her actions were heroic and selfless.

  5. Nannie from the south says:

    Shopping at Walmart is not the issue. It’s child safety and responsibility. We have some one trying to snatch kids and this person thought this behavior was okay. Praying that the child will be treated with love and not have this treatment again. Grand parenting classes needed.

  6. Shitbird says:

    Send her to the chair!

  7. billeeg says:

    I realize times have changed but my Mom & Dad would still be doing time from leaving me, my bro & sis in the car and running in the store.. We did have roll up / down windows but it was dang hot in the 60s also. To me, a better solution would have been, open the doors, kool the kid, get granny and move on. or maybe . go w/ shitbird and give her the chair,,heehee,, better yet, execute her on the spot… Next- Sara, f-U you calling me ignorant, I am probably paying your bills with the taxes I pay,,,Next-what if the child died ? well,it didn’t and if you must remove all risk-Deport all Illegals. It seems ok to pick which laws that are enforced , so don’t screw with GRANNY.. Next-Jim- I don’t need werk or money but I’m sure you need me-I’ve read your fishwrapper…. now, ya’ll have a fantastic weekend, and keep patrolling those lots….heeheeharhar….I’ll be at the golf course if you need me.,,,,,ain’t life grand…..

    • Holly says:

      Looks like you could use some help with spelling Bill. Nonetheless, I don’t think the grandmother should do time. But laws are laws for a reason. There needs to be some kind of consequence, even if it’s community service. As for illegals, they should all go. We have to elect better legislators and law enforcers.

  8. Not A Surprise says:

    Looks as if Gibson is the only one who got it. At least somebody on this idiotic, let the trolls roam website, has some intelligence. Obviously the people of Valdosta Today don’t, along with their South Georgia audience of ‘the sudden political pundit’ upon election of a black man as President.

    Seems funny how nobody around South Georgia had ANY interest in politics until the sudden reality of January 2009 when one they hate for what he is, not who he is, became President. Sad to say the least.

  9. billeeg says:

    spellin……ann panunceation 2,,, maybe a lil’tutorin wood hep me, hep me , hollee…. & smile- U’ll feel better…… BUT, if “not a supizz” is so damn smart, it would seen he could pack his lame ass up and go back where all the intelligent people are that don’t have a walmart for US stupid people to shop at…ps – we were not stupid enuf to vote for the dumb ass you were refering to…You and gibson are 2 peas in a pod, you do know that ya’ll can legally marry now….duh-huh