UPDATE: Alert Deputy Foils Valdosta Burglary

| July 17, 2015


VALDOSTA — The Valdosta Country Club was the scene of a burglary early Thursday morning.  An alert Lowndes County Sheriff’s Deputy discovered the break in, resulting in four arrests.

As the deputy was on patrol checking property, he noticed someone inside the business at 3500 Country Club Road in Valdosta.  The alert deputy stopped to investigate and discovered four young people had broken into the business.  The grounds were searched and officers found that they had entered the pool house and that bottles of beer and Powerade had been opened and consumed. It was also discovered that a golf cart had been driven around the grounds of the Country Club.

Authorities arrested Dayne Baucom, Thomason Duncan, Emily Goff, and Julie Parrish on charges of burglary.

Since the incident occurred within Valdosta city limits, Valdosta Police were called in to make the arrests.  They will also lead the investigation.

They were transported to the Lowndes County Jail where they are being held pending judicial procedures.


Thomason Duncan

Thomason Duncan

Dayne Baucom

Dayne Baucom

Julie Parrish

Julie Parrish

Emily Goff

Emily Goff

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  1. Angela Wilson says:

    Stupid white kids… smh.

    • Billy says:

      That is a racist comment. If one were to comment “stupid black kids” All he’ll would break loose, the valdosta daily times would be banned and who ever commented it would be convicted of a hate crime.

    • kenny says:

      Why state their race? Seriously, does every dumbass that comments on things like this have to bring in race? Why does it matter that they’re white? Couldn’t it have just been stupid kids? What if it had been two white and two black; would you have stated “stupid white and black kids”? No? Yeah, didn’t think so, fucking moron.

    • james thomas says:

      that was a real inteligente comment!!! you must be African American to say such crap!!

  2. Gibson Mathers says:

    Stupid rich kids who broke into the country club to steal beer.

  3. Amy says:

    These kids need a part-time job so they want be bored and getting into trouble.