Thomasville > 3 Local Churches Robbed

| June 3, 2015


THOMASVILLE – Folks in Thomasville were heartbroken to discover that someone broke into three churches in one night.

Church members said they’re praying for answers.

Thomasville Robbery 1

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Wallace Hasty has been a member of Rose City Church of God for more than 30 years, but when he came by Tuesday to pick up some cooking equipment that he left there over the weekend, he couldn’t believe what he saw.

“I couldn’t understand why the doors were standing open to the offices, because they’re usually locked,” said Hasty.

Hasty said when he looked down the hall, he could see doors busted in and offices ransacked.

“It was completely, I mean, the desks and drawers were just torn all to pieces and pulled out,” he said.

But this was not the only church targeted over the weekend.

Thomas County Sheriff’s deputies also responded to burglaries at Gatlin Creek Baptist Church and Cornerstone Church of Christ.

Investigator Louis Schofill said, “They are all within just a mile or two of each other. They’re all right here, just on the outskirts of the city limits. All inside the county, and all really, really close.”

Thomasville Robbery 2

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Investigators said flat screen televisions used for bible study and other church programs were taken from two of the churches.

“It’s frustrating. In law enforcement we see the worst of the worst, but this does frustrate us. The churches do a lot for the community so we are asking for citizens’ help,” said Investigator Schofill.

Hasty said he’s praying that someone will know something and will speak up.

“It’s ridiculous that people would do stuff to the church that way,” said Hasty.


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  1. Jimmy Nettlebess says:

    Well churches usually rob people…so there is that.