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| June 12, 2015

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JACKSONVILLE — Nick Marshall understands that it will take time before he is fully back in the swing of things at cornerback.

The former Auburn quarterback is making the transition back to cornerback, a position he hasn’t played with regularity since 2011 when he played for the nearby Georgia Bulldogs.

For Marshall, the process involves learning from those around him and progressing at his own pace.

“I’m used to [cornerback] and I am athletic, I know I can do it,” said the Jacksonville Jaguars rookie. “It’s something to put my mind to and just learn how to be a cornerback again.”

His defensive backs coach, DeWayne Walker, is allowing the undrafted free agent to take his time as he becomes reacquainted with the cornerback position.

“I don’t want to get too many more grey hairs (laughs), but you do have to be patient with him, you have to be fair, you have to take your time,” said Walker.

“There’s really not a big need for him at this stage of it, but he’s fun to work with because of his natural athletic ability.”

Marshall has been able to re-learn the position with the help of his teammates. With veterans like Davon House and Demetrius McCray on the roster, Marshall has had the opportunity to watch and learn.

“A lot of guys have two or three years of experience, and I just [try] to follow their lead and if I mess up they correct me,” said Marshall.

“It’s nice to have veterans in front of you to help you come along.”

Walker believes Marshall has what it takes to play the position at the NFL, it’s just a matter of teaching him how to be effective at the professional level.

“He’s green, he hasn’t played corner since junior college, so there are some things from a fundamental standpoint that he needs to clean up a little bit and we need to help him in that area, too, but athletically, there’s no question he can carry the position,” said the Jaguars defensive backs coach.

Marshall will have plenty of time to learn the fundamentals and the playbook as the team inches toward the break between organized team activities and training camp.

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