Florida > Legislators Have Concerns Regarding FAMU

| June 18, 2015

FAMU President

TALLAHASSEE — Members of the Florida legislature are now speaking out about recent events that have occurred at the FAMU Board of Trustees meeting.

Legislators Tuesday wrote a letter to the Florida Board of Governors asking for more information related to a formal reprimand of University President Elmira Mangum.

Reports from WCTV stated that the letter says “Doctor Elmira Mangum (the school’s president) has been a frequent target of FAMU Board of Trustees Chairman Rufus Montgomery, whose abrupt and ongoing challenges to her leadership are bordering dangerously close to bullying.”

WCTV also spoke with Representative Alan Williams, who said, “I join my colleagues in saying let’s tone down the rhetoric if you will on what the president is and is not doing.”

One trustee made a motion for the reprimand a day after concerns were raised about a lack of communication between Mangum and the board members.  The motion comes during the second day of meetings held by the school’s board of trustees.

President Mangum will have 30 days to respond to a list of issues brought forth by the board of Trustees from the June 10th meeting.

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