| June 24, 2015

Carter Buddy

US Representative Buddy Carter, Georgia First District

TPA, TPP – what’s the difference? Political news anchors aren’t even using the terms correctly and I can understand the confusion. TPA and TPP are not the same thing and I would like to take a few minutes to clear up the confusion and answer any questions you may have.

Trade Promotion Authority (TPA)

This week, the House voted again to establish TPA to bring transparency and accountability to international trade agreements. The text of TPA is not a secret. You can view the entire text here.

I voted for TPA because Georgia jobs are too important to be left in the hands of an untrustworthy President and the Democratic Party who sunk their own priorities to hinder free trade and American competitiveness. Currently, the President has the authority to negotiate trade agreements on his own and that’s why TPA is so important. President Obama has proven his complete disregard for our constitutional checks and balances and TPA prevents the President from entering into secret trade deals.

TPA is critical for Georgia jobs and the economic prosperity of our local economy. 1.2 million jobs in Georgia depend on international trade and, with two of the fastest growing ports in the country here in the First District, there is a great opportunity to increase this number. Unfortunately, American job creators are not playing on a level playing field and our trading partners will continue stacking the deck without the best possible trade agreements. TPA will accelerate these much-needed trade deals and ensure the American people have the final say.

Click here to see the importance of TPA to Georgia job creators like JCB North America, the Georgia Ports Authority, Rayonier Advanced Materials, Russell Landscape Companies and many more.

Additionally, TPA has wide conservative support because these conservative organizations and leaders, like me, do not trust our President and recognize that free trade is be a pillar of conservative principles. Many prominent conservative individuals and organizations have been outspoken in their support of free trade and TPA, here are a few:

  • Club for Growth
  • Americans for Tax Reform
  • American Conservative Union
  • Senator Ted Cruz
  • Congressman Paul Ryan
  • Taxpayers Protection Alliance
  • America Action Forum
  • Citizens against Government Waste

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

The free trade agreement you’ve been hearing about in the “secret room” is the TPP. TPP is the name of the 12-nation trade talks that are currently going on. Congress has not voted on the actual trade agreement yet. I have visited the room in the Capitol to review the text of TPP but that’s not where it belongs. Wide sweeping trade deals should be available for the all Americans to see. However, without TPA, trade agreements will continue to stay locked in this room.

For the first time, TPA ensures trade agreements, like TPP, are posted online for you to read before it can go into effect.

Then before the agreement can legally go into effect, it must come to Congress for a vote. If the objectives outlined in TPA are not met, or Congress isn’t satisfied by the final agreement, both the House of Representatives and the Senate retain their constitutional right to reject the final text of any trade agreement.

In Summary

A vote for TPA is not a vote for TPP or any trade agreement. My vote for TPA ensures transparency and holds the President accountable to deliver the strongest possible trade agreements that will boost American exports and benefit American workers and job creators.

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