Thomasville > Prisoner Escapes Work Detail To Have Sex

| May 7, 2015


THOMASVILLE — A prisoner escaped during a work detail on Monday afternoon. Prisoner, 28-year-old Bradford Hill was not accounted for when the prisoners climbed back into the state truck after work.

When the inmates took a lunch break, the warden noticed one of the 6 men were missing.

The other inmates claimed Hill was still on the bus after the lunch break but he was not there when the warden went to find him.

During the work detail a vehicle with 29-year-old Christine Thurman pulled over on the side of the road and picked up inmate Hill. The warden went down a side road, spotted the vehicle, opened the door and found Thurman and Hill engaging in sexual activities.

Hill was detained and Thurman drove off.

The detail officer was able to get Thurman’s tag number before she drove off. She was arrested yesterday.

The warden reported that he thinks Hill had a hidden cell phone in the truck and was able to contact Thurman using it.

Hill received charges of escape and possession of a device without the consent of the warden. Thurman received charges of aiding and abetting.


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