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| May 27, 2015


SAVANNAH – Georgia lawmakers are looking to enforce stricter driving laws for truck drivers after 10 people died on Interstate 16 in the last month.

The first accident happened in Bryan County and killed five Georgia Southern nursing students and five more people were killed last week in Pooler. Investigators believe both accidents were caused by a truck driver

Both lawmakers and truck drivers spoke on Tuesday about the changes they want to see. While law makers say there needs to be stricter rules, truckers said the law is fine, it’s about being responsible.

“It scares me to death thinking that I could hurt somebody out here,” said trucker Billy Youngblood. “I don’t want to be that driver.”

Youngblood said his heart goes out to all those involved in the recent fatal crashes, including the truck drivers. He said he can’t even imagine being in that situation.

He said he’s extra cautious these days because he realizes he’s driving what could

potentially be a deadly force.

“It’s a lot bigger, it’s a lot more dangerous,” said Youngblood. “It’s harder to stop and when it does wreck, it usually tears some stuff up.”

Which is why Georgia lawmakers are in the process of drafting new legislation for truckers.

“We’re going to slow them down, slower than the 80 miles per hour that sometimes I pass these guys going from Atlanta to Savannah,” said Rep. Ron Stephens.

Stephens said they are looking to pull in local law enforcement to police truckers and enforce Super Speeder laws, but the bottom line he said, was the truck driver has to be responsible.

Which is why Youngblood says there’s no need for more laws. He said it’s about following the laws that exist and being a responsible driver regardless of whether you’re driving a car or an 18-wheeler.

“Pay attention to everything that goes on,” Youngblood said. “You can’t be out there half asleep, can’t be out there with your radio wide open and we all have to use hands free devices as far as our phones.”

That bill is being drafted in legislative council as we speak, and lawmakers hope to introduce the bill soon. Of course we’ll keep you updated.


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  1. erhwaters says:

    I have grew up with truckers in my family. I’ve heard the tales of cars whipping in front of these mammoth vehicles. Cars slamming on brakes. I’ve heard of so many almost wrecks.
    I do not think the blame lays solely on these truckers. I believe the smaller vehicles should learn to share the road.