Opinion > Sheppard: “We need to kill our oppressors”

| May 26, 2015


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VALDOSTA — Valdosta State University student Eric Sheppard, who has been on the run since April 21, has put out a violent, 4,700-word manifesto bashing white people and threatening to “annihilate those who come after me.” Sheppard is wanted on weapons charges and for making terrorist threats via social media.

On April 17, Sheppard was videotaped with other black radicals pontificating on race, and using the United States flag as a doormat as part of a protest on campus. He got into a tussle with Air Force vet Michelle Manhart after she snatched the flag away from them in an attempt to prevent its desecration.

The former Playboy model was briefly detained by campus police and banned from the premises after the incident. The following week, when VSU police were performing extra patrols due to the anti-flag protests at the university, they discovered Sheppard’s backpack, which contained a handgun. In addition to that, several alarming videos surfaced of Sheppard telling VSU students on campus about his visceral hatred of white people and the need to “kill our oppressors.”

Meanwhile, Sheppard’s supporters imitated his flag-stomping stunt on Twitter using the hashtag “#EricSheppardChallenge,” photographing themselves stomping on Old Glory.

In “a rambling, profanity-laced” “memorandum ultimatum” sent to the Valdosta Daily Times last week, Sheppard condemned white people and the local police, and said he will “annihilate” anyone who comes after him.

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  1. An Observer says:

    If Sheppard was ever completely stable and sane, the manifesto reveals he is no longer so. The sooner he’s caught and dealt with appropriately, the better. His words bespeak another Hitleresque incarnation, the only difference is the target of his wrath.

  2. Grady Blankenship says:

    slick, you are your own oppressor.

  3. cozy351 says:

    Someone needs to explain to him that if he kills the oppressors that means that he will actually have to go out and get a job cause there will be no more free college, no food stamps, free housing etc. This guy needs to be found and shot…oops….locked up.

  4. Donald L. Bloss, II says:

    MLK’s dream has been thwarted by the very people he represented. He desired assimilation into mainstream US society. Although welcomed by a minority initially, and now most, blacks have chosen to live the African life. Whites see that now. Blacks choose to be in bondage to the past. So, Grady, enjoy your food stamps, welfare and have another toke. Look at the average black neighborhood. Dope, gangs, prostitution, and violence…sure doesn’t sound like middle America does it! You, Grady, are oppressed by your own people. And, I for one, like it!

  5. lostprodiy says:

    Wow grandpa take a chill pill with this hate speech your spewing. This is a college kid your talking about let us not forget that and don’t paint an entire race of people with your misguided anger at Sixty-eight years old however I’m not surprised by your views and rather you’ll agree are not you and Eric’s are very similar only difference is he’s a attention seeking college kid and your someone’s granddad.

    • James says:

      I don’t think he is misguided. He is very correct. Blacks have been put in to slavery by this government again. By hand outs and give aways. Making them feel they are owed and someone will provide it for them. I’m not 60 and I agree with his point. I have never been handed anything in my life. I started work in public at age 12. I started farming and plowing on a tractor at age 5. I’m not black. And I agree blacks have had a hard time. But those who work and work hard make a good lifE for themselves. Just as any other person does. Do we have all we want? No! But I have all I need. Grow up people. No body owes anybody for what happened 200 years ago. You owe yourself. I don’t owe my kids a college education. They owe themselves one. And they are stronger for doing it themselves. Just ask them.

    • Nodnarb says:

      I’m confused why is this individual being a “college kid” relevant to him acting like a radical terrorist. This individual needs to be apprehended and punished to the full extent of the law. This “college kid” is an adult and is capable of making decisions unlike a child where they need guidance. I know the perfect place for this individual……. PRISON. P.S. Grandpa’s view is the cold hard reality brought forth by individuals such as this ignorant “college kid”

    • Donald L. Bloss, II says:

      It is not hate speech to tell the truth about the general trends of an ethnic group. Are there good blacks? You bet. I marched with a lot of them. They aren’t blacks or greens or yellows or pinkies. They are Americans. Are there niggers? Check any street corner in a preponderantly (?) black neighborhood. See the ones selling recreational pharmaceuticals, seen the gang signs, see the black on black violence and those calling for “whitey” to be killed? Those are niggers. At one time in my life I could understand their hate for a repressive white society. Even today, having spent some time in backwoods Louisiana, I understand some of the reasons. But, white America, the government that wants to welcome blacks into the American society and SOME black leaders still provide peaceful solutions to most problems.

      Calling for the death of whites, as many young blacks do or at least condone, is calling for a race war that will result in the death of most black males of fighting age. Violence begets violence. The whites in America who are aware of the hate most blacks have for them, will respond in a terrible way. I will not only defend my oikos, but will, once secure, move to offensive actions to insure that security. I do not want that to happen. I don’t say any of these things from hate. I say them because that is what is happening and what will happen. The pendulum has swung when there should have been no pendulum at all. I guess we can’t all be Americans after all.

      • An Observer says:

        Free speech, I get it, but slinging around the epithet “ni–er” is unnecessary and it’s past time to evolve. It has been abusively used for decades to humiliate and degrade human beings in the worst possible way, to diminish the worth of their personhood.

        There are human beings of all races and ethnicities who behave despicably. Eric Sheppard’s behavior has rightfully been condemned, but there is no reason to use a racial slur toward him or any person of color no matter what crime they commit or unsavory action they participate in.

        I’ve referred to Sheppard as a punk and compared his level of vitriol to Hitler’s, and someone may present reasons to me I shouldn’t have said that, but I stand by my opposition: there is no defense for using a racial slur. As the saying goes, just because something is permissible doesn’t mean one should do it. From the tone of your second paragraph, polite society would be well served to throw you and Sheppard in a ring and let you duke it out until you’ve both had enough.

  6. Bobby says:

    Ok people it is time for a reality check on this sheppard situation:
    1) The bible is about love, compassion, understanding and miracles.
    2) Eric Sheppard is a hate filled RACIST and a TERRORIST – plain and simple.
    3) He openly threatened the lives and safety of Valdosta citizens, black, white, latin, Asian alike.
    4) Eric Sheppard is nothing more than a black version of Adolf Hitler.

  7. DBRIAN says:

    I can certainly tell you that the race issue has become much more divisive in the last few years. Everyone is looking to find the racist. First it was Trayvon but the shooter wasn’t even white. Second it was Michael Brown until undeniable video evidence surfaced of him beat up and old man exposed what he really was. Now its Mr. Freddie Grey’s death causing riots until the man charge with his murder became black. Nine people in Baltimore were killed over the weekend. Do you think that any of there murderers did it because of the pain of Mr. Greys Passing? I think not. It is lawlessness, anarchy given to any excuse. If the larger African American public doesn’t start squashing these insane acts of their minority it will start reinforcing old stereo types to a new generation that I though had start to disappear.

  8. JC says:

    My comment is this young man is a product of the people he has chosen to take up with. The other is why in the world did the campus police let the students go with out further investigation of who was doing the protesting they could have been a terrorist in the midst. Now there is a disturbed young man out there on the run with the desire to hurt people and if he is diligent he will succeed and the campus police have missed their early opportunity instead they arrested/detained an Air force veteran trying to prevent an act that is disgusting to all who hold this country in high esteem.The statement by the regents about maintaining safety for the students and staff is laughable and shows how unprepared they are.

  9. Jim Zachary says:


    We are looking for good writers at the Valdosta Times.

    Call and ask for Jim.

  10. Barbara says:

    I worked in IT for Albany State University some years ago; a predominantly black college. The students there were very respectful of the opportunity they had for self realization/actualization and subsequently of the faculty and facilities. So the idea that all black people are thugs looking to “kill whitey” is ridiculous to me. I’m a firm beliver in choices and all people have them. You as an individual can choose to live in fear and self-serving pity, or go out and get an education and rise above whatever circumstances you find unacceptable. If your brother/sister is oppressed, then change your community through mentorship and opportunity – choose to live a life that benefits and builds your community rather than breeds hatred and violence.

    Mr. Sheppard does not appear to have experienced oppression in any form so his manifesto is rendered ineffective. He grew a cool beard and spouted some crap he read on the internet – the problem is I don’t really think he understands what he is espousing but people are easily led and that is very dangerous. Scared straight might make a difference here or he could just take some drama classes and be an actor…either way I’m bored now.

  11. Old BeardedOne says:

    What happened to Americans? Now it is only politically correct to be called African American, Polish American Irish American. I don’t call myself Whitey American. Why do African Americans joke about there own selves but let us use the same terminology and suddenly white lips pronounced it, therefore it is racism. I was riding through an AFRICAN AMERICAN neighborhood the other day on the barbershop door was a sign that said no Saggin allowed! What Up ?