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| April 23, 2015

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Sara Anders, Wildflower Interiors, Valdosta Today Living Contributor

Hey Y’all! My name is Sara Anders, I have a passion for thrift store furniture, paint, and fabric. I’m originally from Valdosta, Georgia but I spend my days refurbishing and re-designing furniture pieces in Bay Minette, Alabama.

IMG_3011This chair sat in my local thrift store for weeks. That’s how I knew it was supposed to go home with me. People so often over look a worn out piece of furniture because of fabric. I’ve got to give it to them on this one…the fabric was horrific! It takes me straight back to 1993 and Lake Park Elementary.¬†We all had JanSport book bags and Trapper Keepers in one of the coolest colors ever; hunter green, navy blue, or maroon. Mine was hunter green. The fabric on this chair was lucky enough to have all 3 of those colors! But its not 1993 anymore and I’m pretty sure, no kid at Lake Park Elementary even knows what a Trapper Keeper is…so it was time for this tired little chair to get a new look!

First, I painted it and stripped the yucky fabric off! I distressed it a little to really give it some character.

Fabric time! I picked out a fresh, neutral fabric for this one. I felt like the chair kind of spoke for itself with its beautiful cane back wing design and pretty carvings on the legs. It needed a simple fabric, nothing that would distract from the beauty of the chair.

All done. I love how this turned out so fresh and clean looking.
If you like the look of this chair maybe you can use it as an inspiration for a space in your own home.

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May all your weeds be wildflowers.

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