Warner Robins > North Carolina Woman Charged in DUI Death

| April 14, 2015

Warner Robins

WARNER ROBINS — A North Carolina woman has been charged with vehicular homicide and drunken driving after the vehicle she was driving struck a pedestrian Saturday night near the emergency ramp of the Ga. 247 Connector exit off Interstate 75, jail records show.

The Macon Telegraph is reporting that Mary Inez Merlo, 62, of Youngsville, North Carolina, was arrested on the charges by the Georgia State Patrol and taken to the Peach County jail, according to Peach County jail records. Her arrest and booking report indicates the vehicular homicide is a felony.

Killed was Leonard E. Suits Jr., 58 of Knoxville, according to Peach County Coroner Kerry Rooks. Suites was pronounced dead an the scene of the accident.

About 8:45 p.m., Merlo was driving a grey 2006 Dodge Caravan north on I-75 approaching Exit 146. When she took Exit 146, Suits was stuck, GSP spokeswoman Tracey Watson stated in an email.

Suits was a passenger in another motor vehicle that had stopped in the emergency lane of the off ramp. The vehicle had stopped because of road debris stuck on their vehicle. Suits crossed over the exit ramp into the gore/median area where he was struck by the vehicle, Watson said. The gore-median area is the triangle-shaped strip of road between the interstate and the driving portion of the exit ramp.

This portion of the exit is located in Peach County. Exit 146 is the exit for Centerville/Warner Robins and for Fort Valley.

Macon Telegraph

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5 Comments on "Warner Robins > North Carolina Woman Charged in DUI Death"

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  1. Jeff Larason says:

    This crime should not be called an “accident”. This criminal was fully aware, as everyone is, that driving drunk is both illegal and endangers others. She made a fully informed decision to drive under the influence, to put others in danger and then she killed someone. This is not an “accident”. Call it a crash, collision or wreck, but don’t insult the victims and survivors by calling it something that it isn’t.

  2. Ronda says:

    Most people know that you do not walk on the highways. How much did he have to drink? Nobody I know hangs out on off ramps during the day. Much less night. Darwin award.

    • Roscoe P. Jenkins says:

      You didn’t read the article did you?

    • Joyce says:

      Ronda, obviously, you did not know Leonard. He was not drunk, he was one of the best, kindest men ANYONE would ever want to know.
      I am sure that your words would be VERY hurtful to Leonard’s family.
      I am not his family, and your words cut to my heart. Please try to be mindful of how words cut, and cut deep. I am sure you would not want to read a foolish statement made about one of your family members that had just sincelessly been killed.
      Maybe the lady from North Carolina is a friend or family member of yours, perhaps that is your way if making excuses for her.
      I feel sorry for her, my prayers will be with her as she faces the crime that she committed. I am sure that she did not intend to do this to Leonard, when she got behind the wheel drunk.
      Leonard will be sorely missed by many people.

    • kenneth says:

      I am so confused by these statements my father was not drinking nor has he ever drank he was helping a friend move … it clear if you drink and drive and kill someone because you are impaired then you should be charged with homicide she took my fathers life a man that was good to everyone so I beg you don’t put him or his name down.. you have no clue of the hurt this has caused my family…