Valdosta > VSU Police Find Protestor’s Gun On Campus

| April 21, 2015

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VALDOSTA — Valdosta State University Police found a book bag containing a handgun at 2:45 p.m. The VSU police reported that the handgun is linked to protestor, Eric Sheppard. An arrest warrant has been filed for Sheppard at this time.

Police have not been able to locate Sheppard, but reported that he is armed and dangerous. Police believe he is off campus and in hiding.


This photo was taken of Valdosta police officers carrying one of the bags off of campus.

With any information regarding Sheppard’s whereabouts please contact University Police at 229-333-7816 or 911.



Photos of wanted man, Eric Sheppard.

Valdosta Today will update when more information is available.

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15 Comments on "Valdosta > VSU Police Find Protestor’s Gun On Campus"

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  1. The VSU campus is NOT on lockdown. Please change the name of your article. More information can be found on the VSU website.

  2. Rick Oelkers says:

    I predict this guy is not going to go down without a fight. Valdosta will be back in the national news.

    To all my brother and sisters, as Sgt Esterhouse on Hill St Blues used to say Be carefull out there.

  3. AJ stewart says:

    This is strange info..I called VSV campus police today around this time and they said there hand not been a gun found and the there was no lockdown…so what is the truth?

  4. Of Course says:

    A real man brings a gun to a fight. Knives are for wussies.

  5. Glori says:

    Can someone please tell me why they haven’t cancelled classes at VSU? It’s ridiculous to require students in class while there’s a possible armed and dangerous man on/near campus that was threatening to kill all white people on campus yesterday. Surely I’m not the only one concerned about the safety if all VSU students, right?

  6. Roscoe P. Jenkins says:

    He’s probably at home baking some “Dindo Muffins”.

  7. Liz Morningstar says:

    What parent in their right mind would pay money to send their kid to this clown act of a school? Clueless,entitled students and welcoming to gun toting agitators. Nice.

  8. TP says:

    Big mouth, big talk when he’s entertaining his fellow thugs desecrating our flag, but runs like a coward when it’s time to walk his talk. A bearded baby with a lethal weapon – good job doing nothing VSU and VPD

  9. Dallas says:

    Too many people in our community are making light of this situation. This is EXACTLY the kind of person who will, without hesitation, walk back on to campus this Friday slightly disguised, shoot as many people as possible, shout praise to Allah and then shoot himself. Law enforcement types and VSU leadership (if you can call it that) need to get their collective heads out of their collective butts and pay attention. And if the message from VSU is that this is all under control and there is no risk, why is there guard outside the President’s office. Bit of a mixed message don’t you think????

    • An Observer says:

      You see clearly. Hate is akin to murder. Be proactive or wait for it. He was escalating before the collective eyes of this community and the worldwide web, but as you pointed out, campus and local law enforcement were slow to take notice.

    • emilee says:

      Agreed! They “found” one gun…in their pictures, they had at least 4 guns total.

  10. Frank Black says:

    So the guy doing all the slaver talk on campus may have had a gun. Slaves did not have guns free people owned guns so he must be a free man. He just has a very warped perception of his life here in the US. He should travel back to Africa and see how the slaves there live so he has something to compare his life here to. All his white Jesus talk was not what I learned growing up Catholic. He deserves a better education. the north did away with slavery. He should have been walking on a confederate flag. They were the slave owners for the most part back then from what I remember in school and my own reading. Now he is just another embittered American that could be dangerous to be around. I sure hope not he does not need to make another poor decision and wreck his life more than it is now.