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| April 2, 2015
source: Valdosta State University

source: Valdosta State University

VALDOSTA — On July 1,2015 Valdosta State University President William McKinney will be resigning from his position.

In a letter from President McKinney he said, “Today, I tendered my resignation as VSU’s president to Chancellor Huckaby, and that resignation will be effective July 1,2015. It is time for a new leader to take Valdosta State into the future, upon the strong foundation that we have built.”

McKinney has been president of VSU since 2012.

“Presidents’ jobs are simply to leave our institutions better than when we arrived, and I believe that I have done just that,” McKinney said.

According to the University System of Georgia, McKinney’s accomplishments include;

• Established a new mission statement, vision and strategic plan focused on better serving students;
• Launched the first comprehensive capital campaign that has already raised more than $30 million in the first eight months, including the largest gift in Valdosta State’s history – an estate gift of $17 million;
• Invested in academics, business intelligence and enrollment management to position Valdosta State as a national leader in the use of information technology in enrollment management; and,
• Initiated the development of a Master Facilities Plan to assure the optimal living, learning and working environments for students, faculty and staff.

“Over the course of the last three years, we have accomplished a great many things. By every reasonable metric, Valdosta State is a university on the rise. Together we have set a course for VSU that, in many ways, helps to secure its future,” McKinney said.

The search for the next VSU president will be announced in the coming months.

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  1. Pleazzzzzzzzzzzzze !!! says:

    This guy didn’t do squat for VSU. I wonder what the real reason is he “resigned”?

    • ABL says:

      All I know is gossip, which is that he set his mistress up in a six figure job at VSU created out of thin air and then she got drunk on campus and either urinated or defecated on the grounds and had to be a hauled off. Then she resigned. That is what is going around in the county about it and it could all be true or none of it be true. You know how gossip is and that is all it is, gossip. What really goes on at VSU stays at VSU I am guessing and we will never know.

  2. slipknot says:

    He accomplished alot! he has allowed mismanagement and continued to allow out of control VPs to run this show. Every non adacemic VP and director should be canned and replaced by BOR. McKinney also allowed his wife to run rampant on campus and community in the most obnoxious manner. Good ridddance, and I wish much of the leadership to follow. Too bad for VSU.

  3. slipknot says:

    ps – I don’t think the rumor about Chief of Staff as mistress is correct. She may have been drunk, but it would have been a University function so I’m sure she wasn’t alone in her intoxication (that is common). Hadn’t heard the public exposure angle….

  4. justin says:

    Some of these comments are ridiculous. We believe the president is resigning because of an accumulation of factors (wrongful termination suits, the push for a vote of no confidence, perception of campus safety, etc.), and the recent embarrassing incident with the chief of staff didn’t help matters. It’s a distraction, and he did the right thing in stepping down. Anyone who knows McKinney’s wife knows he didn’t have a mistress. The previous comment about firing the directors and VPs is ignorant as well. I just hope there is a good applicant pool and the chancellor picks the right person next time.

    • Intheknow says:

      Justin – unless you are at VSU you do not know what has been going on. Most of the VPs need to go. The corruption has gotten out of control & VSU needs to return to the wonderful institution it was before McKinney & Schloss!