Valdosta > Retired Fire Chief Plans To Run For Mayor

| April 5, 2015


Valdosta City Hall

VALDOSTA — Valdosta Fire Department’s retired Chief, J.D. Rice announced that he will be running for Valdosta Mayor.

The election will be held in November and the winner will take office in January.

Rice told officials of his plans at the Old Lowndes County Courthouse on Saturday.

Current Mayor, John Gayle has plans of running again for reelection.

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  1. capitalism says:

    To win in the 3rd poorest City in the US, campaign like a moron. Keep repeating, I will get the 3rd poorest City what they need most, more free stuff.

    Too many morons today do NOT want to hear, I will put you to work. Because a job reduces welfare and tax credits, increases transportation costs to drive to and from work every day, adds daycare cost, gotta buy work clothes. It increases the taxes (taken from paycheck). And, the greatest tax in history, the Obamacare tax, increases when you get a job.

    And, when you get a job in the above ground economy, you then show up on the radars of welfare distributors, IRS, debt collectors, child abuse collectors, alimony collectors. Telling folks today that you will put them to work in the above ground economy is a sure way to lose an election.

    Tell us you will legalize pot. Have China make it. Sell it cheap at Walmart. And allow fast food purchases with EBT cards. And increase welfare. Then you will for certain get elected in the 3rd poorest city in the US. And become next POTUS.

    To absolutely win, don’t forget to blame others for the 3rd poorest City status. Blame others for trashy streets, blighted neighborhoods, gang growth, welfare constraints. Promise that the rich will pay more taxes.

    But careful when repeating stupidity to get wealth, power, prominence. Blaming corrupt cops for corroding America is just too stupid to say.

    And Lord’s sake, don’t promise a flat State and Federal tax on purchases to collect $200 billion/year in taxes that are not collected.

    With a flat tax on purchases, all on welfare in the trillion dollar per year underground economy will have to start paying state and federal taxes they avoid. All they pay now is sales tax when they spend their ill gotten incomes. As they defraud welfare and IRS. As we waste taxes catching them, then caring for them in jail, as well as out of jail. In our out of jail, consuming taxes. To win promise NO FLAT TAX! Promise to tax those working in the above ground economy even more.