Valdosta > Protestors Stomp On American Flag at VSU

| April 18, 2015


VALDOSTA — Valdosta State University police detained a woman on campus after she took an American flag from a group of protestors.

Air Force veteran, Michelle Manhart took the flag from the protestors on campus after she watched them walk on it.

The VSU Police returned the flag to the protestors after Manhart was detained. The protestors and detaining officers did not press charges against her.

Manhart was given a criminal trespass warning which bans her from attending any university activities.

The group of protestors have not been identified at this time.

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  1. Joe says:

    Sickening. Your university disgusts me as not just white men died for that flag, but men of color too and you all are totally disrespecting their memory. You are a disgrace!

  2. Kurt says:

    Why on earth did the police allow this to happen. If I remember this correctly, it is illegal to destroy, mutilate, ect our Nation’s flag. The police and VSU administration need to be held accountable for allowing this to happen.

    • Karen says:

      The police are not to blame here. They are doing what they are told and if you talk to them, they are getting tired of protecting people and risking their lives for such ludicrous endeavors. Out of all this, I would like to know what was being protested.

      • gene moore says:

        I think they were protesting their miserable existence in this world so they are taking it out on the flag that welcomes them with open arms.

        • Melissa says:

          Gene Moore apparently YOU are miserable with God our creator for us being here, all Americans of color are not with your or their ignorance, racism, or disrespect..on the other hand, they should have chosen another symbol but because that “flag” is not held up equally for ALL, you will see protestors’ anguish about the INEQUALITY that it represents, so on that note, do yourself a favor and watch your mouth.

  3. Brian says:

    It must be nice to have millions of veterans to fight for our country and defend the freedom of some ignorant fools to step on our country’s flag. They better be glad that there were 4 or 5 infantry veterans there because the out come might have been different. It is totally outrageous to walk on our flag that we have ultimately upheld to defend. If you want to use freedom of speech do it without stepping on the flag. Then maybe someone would listen and take notice because now everyone is just noticing that you desicrated our flag.

  4. New American Vets says:

    UPDATE TO VSU SITUATION: Additional pressure applied to VSU officials, this time involving GA LAW:

    From: New American Vets
    Date: April 18, 2015 at 5:00:39 PM CDT
    To: “” , “”
    Subject: Re: Request For Comment: Flag Fracas

    In furtherance of the previous email, the question has now arose as to whether VSU, through intentional neglect of its duties for 3 days, is an accomplice as an institution to a violation of GA law:

    2010 Georgia Code
    § 50-3-9 – Abuse of federal, state, or Confederate flag unlawful

    It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to mutilate, deface, defile, or abuse contemptuously the flag of the United States, the flag, coat of arms, or emblem of the State of Georgia, or the flag or emblem of the Confederate States of America by any act whatever.

    Response requested.

    • Becky Johnson says:

      That’s not legal anymore. Supreme Court ruled those laws unconstitutional despite that they may still be “On the Books.” Glad you have a law degree.

      • Karen says:

        There are a lot of things that have been declared illegal that are on the books that people are getting away with. She is a veteran defending OUR country and if respect for our flag used to be a priority. There are rules that were created out of respect and the complete lack of respect for this country is what is driving us into the ground. If you have a law degree or are studying law, I suggest that you study a little harder and revisit the constitution and the history surrounding the freedoms that have been defended for centuries. This country was founded on Christian biblical principles, whether people want to admit it or not.

  5. justin says:

    If they’ll renounce their citizenship, I’ll arrange the funding for their flights out of the country.

  6. gene moore says:

    As a veteran who served my country from 1972 to 1975, I find those nasty excuses for people who showed disrespect for our nation and our flag by walking all over it to be beyond disgusting. Why are they here? Send them back to the jungle of their origin. I find the bloated cop who arrested the honorable woman standing up for our nations flag to be just as disgusting. But this is pretty much the norm for a lot of the anti American universities in our country today.

  7. scott britton says:

    Thank you Michelle for defending the flag you and I and our forefathers fought
    for. wonder how many protesting idgits fought for the freedoms we gave part of our life for? I stand by you heel to toe.
    Scott Britton USN.

  8. Rose Bonaccorso says:

    Deeply disappointed and saddened that students would use the flag for their own agenda and that the school allows it under freedom of speech, people gave their lives so there is freedom of speech and others spit in the face of what represents our right to freedom.

  9. Matt says:

    They embraced the Pan-African flag, and walked on the flag that means so much to the men and women that have sacrificed themselves and family members serving this nation.
    Whatever the cause, you just shined a negative light on it. Bravo stupid ass.

  10. Betty Rehberg says:

    I wonder if the parents that are paying for their kids to go to school are happy with their conduct? I would be cutting the purse strings.

  11. Gary Amiot says:

    Our country as a whole looses over such ignorance as displaced by our law enforcement and the university for not defending the only reason for their existence. the money the state of Georgia gives them should be revoked and ask VSU to repay the citizens of Valdosta for allowing such actions to happen on our soil.

  12. Shane says:

    This is absolutely disgusting. How disrespectful to the men and women who have fought and died defending our country and that flag! How dare you punish someone for doing the right thing and attempting to stop this horrifically disrespectful act! This country just keeps declining in their morality everyday. I’m seeing more and more where we are making heroes out of criminals and criminals out of heroes. Shame on you law enforcement and VSU for allowing this to happen!! I’d say contact the president, but I believe he hates the flag even more than those protesters. This is one nation under God, and God is exactly who these people will stand before one day and answer to for this disgrace. Ultimately, they will not be able to run from their accountability. God bless America.

  13. Susan says:

    Very disappointed and sickened that these students would have the nerve to disrespect out flag in such a sickening fashion. There has been so many young lives lost to fight for our freedom and yet you would allow them to use our flag to walk on and have a vet arrested because she would not return this flag to them to continue to disrespect. If they do not like AMERICA then get the HELL out move remember that is your right.

  14. akMann says:

    she disrespected the flag before, guess she forgot about that:

  15. Karen says:

    Those students need to be suspended for disrespecting the country and taking our freedom for granted. If those were my kids, they would be severely reprimanded. People are out of control. You can count on my daughters never attending a university that would allow such acts as “Freedom of speech”. How many of those students are on state or federally funded educations. They shoud be required to write a formal apology to the university and to the nation for their complete lack of class and respect.

  16. Don West says:

    These “so called students” of an American University should be ashamed of themselves. The men and women of the military, law enf.,fire fighters, and governmental agency’s who have given their lives and years of service to protect this country deserve our praise and admiration for what they have done. The AMERICAN FLAG is what every “AMERICAN” should hold in the “HIGHEST HONOR” and not to disgrace the one symbol that holds this country together!!!!!!!! Michelle, we as AMERICANS thank you for your service and for standing up for our U.S. FLAG. As for the president of Valdosta Univ, you need to be placed in the unemployment line .

  17. Nate Jones says:

    As an alum and 10 year veteran who served in operation enduring freedom, this make me want to vomit. Additionally as an African American this makes me even more upset. I’m guessing these are members of the BSL on campus. I would say, what are you protesting? Do you even know what you are protesting for? My family tree includes people that fought in Vietnam, Korea, WWII, WWI, Spanish American, and yes even the Civil War down in the low country of South Carolina. My family stood up against tyranny by the clan and southern governments. Not at any time did they denounce the country that allowed them to make a life and to become proud citizens. We all have grievances, but stomping on the flag in the one place on earth where you can make a difference is beyond a disgrace. It is more than obvious that you know not what you do. Perhaps you protesters are too stupid, maybe weren’t breast fed as a baby. Maybe you weren’t raised with any GD appreciation for being an American and what that means. I urge you to for one second, step back, stop and think. And for the life of me, where was ROTC? How did you guys let this ride!

  18. Andy harmon says:

    These flag burners are protesting the injustices the flag represents. Why don’t they burn something that really represents that means something like their EBT cards, food stamps welfare checks, free collage grants, section 8 housing. And all the other free crap

  19. leroy says:

    I am vet and I would have done the same thing she did. It sickens me that a vet cant protest the protesters.If they don’t like their freedom then leave. From now one I’m telling everyone I know not to go to that school.Men and women and people from all colors and backgrounds have died for that flag and our country.

  20. Barbara Sargent says:

    Truly intelligent and educated people know the first best lesson in learning is respect. You who do not respect the American flag have nothing positive to contribute ute to our country or our community. Please leave.

  21. An Observer says:

    Recall a few years back when a white student was expelled for drawing a caricature tombstone with a professor’s name on it, but now VSU stands behind the rights of a flag stomping black man on their campus, who is not a student, using pejorative language towards white people, even suggesting murder.

    Be aware that offensive language, hate speech, and religious intolerance are expressed in this video:

    This man should probably avail himself of the education against which he vehemently protests as he refers to Jesus as “white.”

  22. Jancee Skandia says:

    They are protesting racism and when they abuse the flag, they aren’t even thinking of the armed forces who go to war….they are abusing the flag for their personal situation.

  23. Chris says:

    Why desecrate the freedom the flag represents, in the name of protecting the flag from desecration. You guys are really missing the point of the flags symbolism and probably should also consider your own advice and leaving this country where we are supposed to respect others freedom NOT symbols.

    Also if you stopped getting emotional about people stepping on the flag they will have to look for a new way to offend you, giving them less options. It’s better to give an idiot a voice and let them go ignored, than to deny their freedom completely. This whole issue is revolving around 2 sides who are just desperate for attention. Where was Michelle’s adherence to the flag code when she was draping it over her naked body, and letting it touch the ground? Can we please stop giving these ignorant people the attention the crave.

  24. Ernie Jackson says:

    Dont know if this has been posted here today but this is goin round the net, so I figure it belongs here too. Good speech about these flag-walker idiots!

    On the Flag-Attackers

    To think of how many American citizens of the USA fought and died to protect the ideals and liberties of this great land, honorably, courageously, and nobly…They were and are to this day heroes of the United States of America, who typify what it means to be a true American: proud of their country and its highest aspirations and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to defend not only the lives of the American people, but also their honor –symbolized by Old Glory, our flag. She may have started out as a symbol of rebellion towards British tyranny and control, but she has evolved to become the first flag of the people of this world, who formed a society wherein all races and genders, religions, and cultures could live side by side.

    This is not to say that the USA is a utopia. No country is and all countries have strife, discord and issues to work through, and yes our leaders are mostly corrupted and some of them are even murderous brigands, but the majority of us, we the people, though different, though culturally and ethnically non-homogenous, still hold to the ideals espoused by our ancestors: equality, liberty, and justice.

    Now consider these hopelessly confused and uncouth people who walk all over our great American symbol, our flag, and how they hide behind a lie: (protesting racism) What they claim and what they do are diametrically opposed. It is like someone murdering another person in order to “save” them. These people would never fight and possibly die to protect the ideals and liberties of this great land, honorably, courageously, or nobly…They will never be heroes, because their actions are villainous. These people typify what it means to be a traitor or even a foreign invader: hateful of this country and its highest aspirations and cowardly. By walking on the symbol of our National cohesiveness, sisterhood and brotherhood, they defecate on the ultimate sacrifice of better men and women, many of them their own ancestors who defended not only the lives of the American people, but also their honor –symbolized by Old Glory, our flag. These race-aggressors have no honor, no basic dignity, no sense of decorum, no integrity, and no humanity. If you are a true Citizen of the united States, then join your brothers and sisters and PROTEST the actions of these hate-filled agitators. Wear and fly Old Glory any day that you can. Defend her and you defend the millions who have died in the defense of our great land. Carry her with a sense of pride and respect and on any day that these hateful groups and the ethically-devoid institutions that support them and not US citizens tell you that you may NOT, make sure that you DO so openly, boldly and proudly.

    Do not give in to despair. You are not alone.

    -“The Friend” 4-24-15

  25. Rex says:

    This reminds me of a millitary parent a while back who was asked not to attend their child’s school wearing their millitary uniform because it was supposedly offensive to a few. Not only is our millitarys uniforms a thing of beauty as well as our Nations flag, it’s also a symbol of Freedom and Honor. If. your looking at either as a non supporter, I’d imagine they may be offensive, as they were so designed. This is why these individuals should be exiled or exterminated if it must come to that. God bless America, all those who support it, all those who died so we will always be allowed to “Lock And Load”,Amen.