Valdosta > Police Search for Sheppard

| April 22, 2015


VALDOSTA — WCTV made reports stating that a canine unit has been called to the corner of Slater Street and Force Street. Police are holding the perimeter and are searching for protestor, Eric Sheppard at this time.

Valdosta Today will update as the story further develops.

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2 Comments on "Valdosta > Police Search for Sheppard"

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  1. anonymous says:

    such a big tough guy walking on the flag while spewing hatred against white people.he must feel like such a man carrying a gun….maybe he’ll have one when the P.D. finds him.HANDS UP DONT SHOOT

    • Reality says:

      Come on now! He has be repressed by the man for years! Not enough food stamps! Not enough free homes! Not enough free phones! Not his 40 acres and a mule????? What u expect a brother to do? Earn his way?????? Silly man!