Valdosta > Peaceful Protestors Gather at VSU

| April 21, 2015


VALDOSTA —  Peaceful protestors gathered together yesterday in support of the American flag. Valdosta State University students carried flags and sported red, white, and blue in front of Odum Library.

The event was planned after Friday’s protest, when a group of protestors walked on an American flag. Veteran, 39-year-old Michelle Manhart, took the flag from the protestors and then was detained by VSU Police.

Valdosta State University said on their Facebook,

“Students from all walks organized a large peaceful rally in support of the American flag Monday on main campus, demonstrating the unity and pride of the Blazer nation!”

The Friday protestors attended the peaceful protest and again, laid the American flag on the ground to walk across. The original protestors explained to the peaceful protestors what they were protesting against many things, including white privilege and God.

According to the Spectator, a member of the Black Student League, Lewis Cureton said,

“We want to show unity on campus, that we are all together. We are not divided by race, creed, color; we are united by the America we stand in, no matter the history it has.” 

Due to these events, VSU’s Student Government Association came to two new resolutions; one is a United States Armed Forces Appreciation resolution, which states, “Finally, let it be resolved that the student body, as represented by the Student Government Association, honors our nation’s heros and thanks them for their service, and dedication to the preservation of our liberties and freedoms, under one country do we stand.”

The second resolution is an SGA Resolution Responding to Flag Protest on Campus April 17, 2015, which states, “Finally, let it be resolved that the Student Government Association respects the rights as given in the United States Constitution, including any judgments made by the United States Supreme Court, and we do not support the actions of protesters in the protest occurring on the 17th of April in the year of 2015.”

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  1. ABL says:

    Perhaps they should all be nude with their flag hanging between their legs like their idol.

  2. Aunt_tea says:

    It is time to use Black Lives Matter flags to walk on, burn and drag through the mud

  3. LauraBL says:

    Our Old Glory deserves respect. Many sacrificed their lives for what it stands for.