Georgia > Electric Vehicles Lose Tax Credit

| April 14, 2015


ATLANTA — Metro Atlanta has the highest per capita share of electric vehicles in the US.  However, that may change after lawmakers voted to remove the tax credit afforded to electric vehicle owners.

The bill, awaiting the governor’s signature, will also now impose a $200 registration fee, the nation’s highest, on non-commercial electric vehicles.  It’s a clear sign the state does not see the benefits of subsidizing electric vehicles over traditional transportation.

Dealerships in Atlanta that sell the electric vehicles, or EV’s, are bracing for what they expect to be a near 70% drop in sales, according to reports in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  They believe losing both the tax credit and the increased fee to be a double-dip of disincentive.

Most states began offering EV purchase incentives almost 2 decades ago, when Georgia first introduced its incentive.  Some states offer tax credits, as Georgia did, while others permitted free parking, use of HOV lanes or other discounts and waivers.  The incentive, especially for a city such as Atlanta which has poor air quality standards, was a way to improve multiple issues the market faced.  But lawmakers believe time has come and gone as the need for revenue trumps a desire to see more electric cars on Georgia streets.

The state estimates earning an additional $125 million in tax revenue by dropping the tax credit with the registration fees expected to generate an average of $3.3 million annually.

Georgia EV owners will still enjoy other benefits to being “green”.  They will still qualify for a $7,500 federal income tax credit and can still utilize some HOV lanes when operating with only a driver.

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