Georgia > Deal Working to Convince Volvo to Build Plant near Savannah

| April 4, 2015


ATLANTA — Volvo may be the next major automaker to call Georgia home.  After Mercedes announced the relocation of its North America Headquarters earlier this year, Governor Nathan Deal is after another prize catch, Volvo Cars.

Reports suggest Deal may be close to confirming the Volvo package which would put a factory near Savannah.

Deal’s legislative package revealed part of his strategy in pursing Volvo.  Officials from the car maker has noted they will reveal the location of the proposed plant within the month after the formal announcement on Monday.  This would be the first American plant for Volvo.

“Volvo Cars cannot claim to be a true global car maker without an industrial presence in the U.S. Today, we became that,” said Hakan Samuelsson, chief executive and president. “The U.S. is an absolutely crucial part of our global transformation, and today’s announcement makes it perfectly clear that Volvo is in the U.S. to stay.”

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