Florida > Senate Passes Testing Limit Bill

| April 5, 2015


TALLAHASSEE – Students in Florida would spend no more than 45 hours a year on standardized tests under a bill passed by the Florida Senate.

The Senate on Thursday passed a sweeping bill that would also let school districts move up the starting date of school to Aug. 10.

Legislators have promised to roll back the level of testing in Florida schools. But there have been disagreements about how far to go. Many of the state’s standardized tests were first put in place as part of education changes pushed by former Gov. Jeb Bush.

Florida moved to a new test this year that is based on Common Core standards.

The Senate bill would require an independent study of the new test before the scores can be used to measure students and schools.

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  1. LC says:

    Now, that sounds well and good, except does that only apply to state tests, or does it also limit the tests mandated by the district? There is where the overtesting is really coming from — students in my district are spending several days per quarter in each class taking horribly written district tests. Although the data is useless, it is used to drive instruction, robbing teachers of creativity and individuality. I’m all for accountability, if the standards are known and the tests are valid. But students in my district are spending six weeks of the 36-week school year in district and state testing.