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| April 20, 2015

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Chris Beckham, The Morning Drive, Newstalk 105.9 WVGA:

Most everyone is aware of the recent controversy at Valdosta State regarding a protest which included an American flag being walked upon and an Air Force veteran, Michelle Manhart, being arrested (though not charged) for pulling the flag away from the protesters and then resisting arrest.

I discussed the situation on this morning’s program (which you can listen to below):

We also interviewed Ms. Manhart on the program and here’s what she had to say:

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  1. Constance Parrish says:

    She says that she understands VSU’s position on this issue but she wants them to take another look at allowing protesters to desecrate the flag? If she really understands their side of this then she would understand that they are following the Supreme Courts ruling on Texas vs Johnson in 1989, that is why this university took the stance they did. I dislike the fact that people are allowed to disrespect our flag this way, but until the law is changed VSU is in the right by allowing this. Also, she said she was just going to sneak in and take the flag without being noticed. Considering everyone was standing around and university security as well, I have a problem believing that statement and other statements as well by Ms. Manhart. If she is so against this law, then why has she not been protesting before? I stand behind the university and believe that these couple of days of protesting will be nothing more than bullying them. Enjoyed your podcast by the way. Cheers.

    • Tiggy says:

      Exactly…..this woman should learn the LAW instead of committing THEFT BY TAKING. Its easy to act as though the LAWS dont APPLY to you. She has been doing that her whole life. First in PLAYBOY where she then gets in trbouble wit the Airforce and now with the VSU not for protesting the Flag Desecration but for STEALING.

      • Milton Ring says:

        I would have done the same as she did she is serves in the Air Force and we were taught to respect the FLAG. Tiggy has never served this country or he or she would feel the same Airman Manhart and all of the military and veterans.

        • Michael Young, SMSgt, Ret. says:

          Actually Mr. Ring, I agree in substance with Tiggy and I am a retired AF vet. Like others here, I find it offensive and reprehensible that my flag is treated that way. However, until we pass a law to clearly make it illegal, the protesters have their right to act and we do not have a right to take property and risk a physical encounter that could injure someone. I gave my years to protect our freedoms as Americans, as many other did, even the freedoms I don’t agree with. If we don’t protect their rights, who will protect our rights when someone disagrees with us?

    • VSU Alumna says:

      The University can have and enforce its own rules forbidding the desecration of our Nation’s Flag. Stomping on a flag and burning a flag is not speech, but an action and an immature, disrespectful act at that. Disrespectful to the generous nation that protects and in many cases, feeds, houses and supports these people.

      A person is not permitted to burn his auto on campus, to park wherever he/she wants to park. A person is not allowed to do violence to another person or to utter vile epithets on campus or to engage in sexual intercourse in public.

      There are limits to one’s actions in a public space or on a publicly owned taxpayer-supported campus.

  2. Jay Platt says:

    Great take, Chris, and excellent interview.

  3. Nick Beckham says:

    As badly as I want her to be right, picking that flag up violated the “protesters” rights. Even if they weren’t sure what they were protesting. You don’t have to be smart to be against something, I guess. I still applaud her for what she did. Great interview, Chris.

    • Odie says:

      I agree with you 110%. We have to respect others Right to Free Speech even though they are doing terrible things with it.

  4. Diane says:

    If the protestors had no permit to assemble, they were in the wrong.

  5. American Vet says:

    No matter what she did in the past, she did the right thing here! That is a symbol of America, and freedom. Protesting is fine, but disrespecting that flag for which countless thousands sacrificed their lives is intolerable!! In a community with so many veterans this is a slap in the face. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean one should do it. That is an act of hate and if they hate America, they should leave! I am a veteran and some of my friends have died in defense of that flag and I will not standby while people disrespect the flag! I applaud her for her calm and collected manner, because I wouldn’t have been so calm!

  6. Open mind says:

    She broke the law and the law is the law, she was just as wrong, never has two wrongs made a right,but I hear people talk about respect for the flag but those same people have no respect for the President of the United States which stand for everything the flag suppose to stand for. .. you raise sand about the flag but you stood by and let them take prayer out of school.

  7. American Vet says:

    Well Open Mind you must not be a veteran or a true American! Just because people dislike the president doesn’t mean people disrespect his position, he is just a man, the flag stands for more that just one person. The flag is a symbol of America and if you stand aside and let people disrespect it like they did you are an enemy to America! The media has made this about her unfortunately, it is really about what that “unnamed” group did to the flag. This community is full of military, veterans and supporters and VSU just allowing this is wrong. If history has shown us anything it’s that if you don’t like a law, then you have to stand against it! Oh and if you want prayer in school stand up or send your kids to a religious school…that is not the issue here!

  8. anonymous says:

    I just tried to call VSU,several different departments,only to speak to student employees.the department heads are having these kids screen calls so they don’t have to address parent concerns…,I WILL NOT RE-ENROLL MY SON NEXT SEMESTER NOR MY DAUGHTER THATS GRADUATING FROM LOWNDES NEXT SATURDAY!
    ABAC here we come.

    • Odie says:

      Well have fun spending your money to send your child to a school like ABAC. A place where they will not receive nearly the same quality of education…geez…over a flag.

  9. Can't Think of It says:

    Can ya think of a better rep. then a woman who drenched her naked body in ‘Old Glory’ for the purpose of sexual arousement to speak against desecration of the American flag?

    AWESOME !! I love this country!

  10. Mike Kirkland says:

    As I am a AF Vet, the flag is a symbol of why I fought for this country and the rights it affords. I respect the right to protest. I spent a year on the AF honor guard and attended countless funerals during the Vietnam war. I remember why the folds are a certain way, how some many relatives of the dead thanked us for being able to hold the last external object draped on that coffin. The flag is so much more than a piece of cloth. It is a symbol of this great nation and all the men and women who gave their life defending it. My father was on Iwo Jima, when the flag was raised on that mountain. He knew that we had won, and all the men who gave their lives defending it was not in vain. Our president goes against the laws of this nation each day, yet he is not arrested. Sure she broke the law by taking the flag. VSU was wrong for not enforcing its own policy. The protesters were not arrested for making threats. I would have done the same thing. God bless this nation.