Lake City > Parents Formally Charged in Sibling Murder Case

| April 2, 2015


LAKE CITY — The State Attorney’s Office that covers Columbia County has officially filed two felony charges against the parents of a troubled teen who told authorities she shot and killed her brother after escaping captivity in her home, according to court documents.

Keith and Misty Kornegay were initially arrested Jan. 5 on a charge of child neglect after their children were home alone when 16-year-old Damien Kornegay was killed and his 15-year-old sister held responsible. An additional charge of child abuse was added Wednesday afternoon.

The parents are accused of locking the 15-year-old with just a bucket and a blanket in a room where she had previously been sexually molested by her uncle for long periods of time and failing to provide appropriate counseling services.

The uncle, Kevin Kornegay, lived next door. He is serving a life-sentence for sexually abusing his niece. The abuse became known to authorities in December 2010 when the girl was 11, according to Sheriff’s Office reports.

The reports indicate the sexual abuse could have been videotaped by her uncle for as long as 21 months. The girl told deputies he molested her for a “long time” before he began recording it. She and her brother also had been caught at least once having sex after the uncle had been arrested.

Then in January the 15-year-old was locked in her room by the brother after both parents went long-haul trucking. It was common for Misty Kornegay to accompany Keith Kornegay when he went on the road for trucking jobs, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The parents put Damien Kornegay in charge of his 3-, 11-, and 15-year-old sisters when they left and told him to lock the oldest sister in her room, according to the Sheriff’s Office documents. She had the 11-year-old let her out of the room when Damien fell asleep. The 15-year-old then broke into her parents room, loaded a 9mm handgun and said she shot her brother.

The two older sisters ran away, leaving the 3-year-old in the home with the body of their brother.

The Sheriff’s Office originally filed first-degree murder charges against both sisters, but State Attorney Jeff Siegmeister declined to finalize the charges against the 11-year-old in February.

He then reached a plea deal in the 15-year-old’s case on a charge of burglary, instead of first-degree murder. Siegmeister said he declined to pursue the murder charge largely because of a documented history of sexual abuse. That’s also why the Times-Union is no longer naming her.

She was placed on probation, told to obey her foster parents, attend school and to truthfully testify against her parents.

The new court documents filed about 1 p.m. Wednesday said 37-year-old Keith and 36-year-old Misty Kornegay intentionally caused their 15-year-old daughter harm by “locking her in the room in which she had previously been sexually battered by her uncle for extended periods of time with a bucket for bodily functions.”

In documents from the Jan. 5 shooting, the parents told investigators they locked the 15-year-old daughter in the room for as many as 20 days straight because she misbehaved and back-talked.

The charge of child neglect centers on the parents “failing to provide necessary medical and psychiatric care and counseling services,” according to court documents.

Both parents previously posted $20,000 bail. Keith Kornegay’s attorney declined comment Wednesday afternoon, and Misty Kornegay’s attorney didn’t immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

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  1. Roscoe P. Jenkins says:

    Sounds like a couple classy people who should at the least be sterilized and at best be taken out back and put down like animals.