Valdosta > Lowndes County Faces Budget Shortfall

| March 4, 2015

Lowndes Judical 001 Side

VALDOSTA — Lowndes County faces a $7 million budget shortfall as county leaders work to find solutions before a budget deadline.

The county will have to find ways to cut the budget enough to provide balanced books.

Commissioners have taken input from the various county department heads over the past two days to hear what cuts need to be made, what cuts don’t, and why.

Chairman Bill Slaughter told WALB in an interview that no department or program is specifically targeted at this point.

“Staff also has a lot of input into that. We’ll go back at another date and we’ll begin to look at all this and start pullin’ it down and tryin’ to get it down closer to what the projected revenue is,” Chairman Slaughter stated to WALB.

Work will continue until the shortfall has been bridged.

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2 Comments on "Valdosta > Lowndes County Faces Budget Shortfall"

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  1. Bad Move says:

    Sure would have been nice to still have the money from all these development projects and governmental buildings still in the fund, like the one pictured above. This government for too long has been promoting growth for the sake of growth, to feed the developers in our community against the will of ordinary citizens. Now they want the ordinary citizens to support them. LOL
    And please stop subsidizing the development cost for these subdivisions. Force them to pay for their own water systems and roadways. Our infrastructure is already stretched to the breaking point. We are becoming part of an environmental disaster.

  2. Roscoe P. Jenkins says:

    Prepare your wallets, taxes are coming.