Georgia > South Carolina Law would accept Georgia Concealed Carry Permits

| March 7, 2015


COLUMBIA — Lawmakers in South Carolina are considering legislation that would allow permit holders from Georgia to carry concealed weapons as they would in Georgia.

A bill has advanced this week that would allow South Carolina to join 19 other states in accepting each other’s concealed weapons permits through a reciprocal agreement.  A South Carolina House Committee approved the measure, unanimously, despite concerns expressed by gun control advocates.

“The people with concealed-weapon permits are the good guys,” said Clemmons, R-Myrtle Beach in and article posted in the Florida Times Union. “If I am a legal concealed-weapon permit holder in Georgia, and I cross the state line into South Carolina, then I’ve committed a crime.”

South Carolina has an existing agreement with 20 other states, including Florida, but no with Georgia.  There is no gun-safety educational requirement in Georgia, however residents seeking the permit must submit to fingerprint registration.  Many consider South Carolina’s law the “gold standard” due to its high requirement threshold.  In 2014, 948 applications were denied in South Carolina with a further 895 being revoked.

Further, South Carolina provides a centralized permit system whereas Georgia’s is fragmented to each county’s probate court.

The measure still has much debate to endure before being passed.

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3 Comments on "Georgia > South Carolina Law would accept Georgia Concealed Carry Permits"

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  1. George Watson says:

    SC please pass this bill! It’s never made sense as a Ga resident to pass through SC breaking the law and then hit NC and they recognize Ga’s carry permits!
    Never understood how you stick a state in between two that reciprocate!

    • MrApple says:

      GA needs to also come to the table and find some common ground with SC. I live in NC so I’m cool in both with my CHP. But it has never made sense to me that my Father-in-law in SC, who’s an ex-Cop, and lives very close to the SC/GA border is legal to conceal in one area and then 5 minutes down the road he is unable to legally carry. Now more than ever we the law abiding gun owners of the US need to come together and fight for our rights and fight HARD.

  2. Geoff says:

    Would be nice if SC and GA reciprocate. If I want to travel West I have to make a long detour North through NC, then West to TN to AR. It would save a lot of travel if I could go through Atlanta.