Georgia > Senate Marijuana Bill Weaker than House Version

| March 3, 2015


ATLANTA — A new bill to legalize a form of medicinal marijuana was filed in the state Senate, and unlike its House counterpart would set up a four-year study rather than making the drug available immediately.

Advocates of the House bill, which passed overwhelmingly last week, say the Senate version would essentially gut the measure passed overwhelmingly by the lower chamber last week.

Georgia State Representative Allen Peake’s House bill calls for limited quantities of cannabis oil to be used by prescription to treat seizure disorders and eight other medical conditions. It sets no age limits.

The new bill, introduced by State Senator Lindsey Tippins, would limit the oil’s use to children under 18 with epilepsy who are taking part in a research trial to be conducted through the University System of Georgia.

Associated Press

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  1. billeeG says:

    Thank You Lindsey, I just don’t know how I could have resisted that stuff if it was available legally. Thank You, thank you thank you….And Ellis, thank you 2. You guys have saved me from myself. Thank you ty ty, next time I see you at VCC I’ll buy you a Crown & Coke… Gosh, we need more Cops, especially the one that bow up & put the Intimidating posture on you… Yea, the big ones who attack if they can imagine a threat…kinda like the guy in Vegas….Yep- that damn weed caused all this….GROW UP SENATORS, get a “bud” from your kids or grandkids, you remember how to burn it (i kno u do )….relax,,relax, eat, laugh,eat,laugh,laugh, relax relaaxxxxxxx smiles

  2. Tank Cashinson says:

    Prepare yourself…pot heads are coming.

    Seriously though, just legalize it and tax the ever living crap out of it. Regulate it , tax it, and make it into a money maker. Then funnel that money back into the communities and Law Enforcement to go after “real” drugs like meth, cocaine, etc. While we’re at it they need raise taxes on tobacco and alcohol and lower it on gas and other things.