Florida > House Encourages Mandatory School Uniforms

| March 28, 2015


TALLAHASSEE — The Florida House wants school districts to start requiring students to wear uniforms.

The House on Friday passed a bill that would pay school districts extra money if they put in the requirement for students in elementary and middle schools.

The bill passed by a 102-8 vote.

Legislators backing the proposal say that uniforms could help improve school safety. Rep. John Tobia, a Melbourne Beach Republican, opposed the bill and argued that it would cost taxpayers and parents money.

The measure that passed (HB 7043) would pay districts $10 more per student if a uniform policy is adopted. Districts are currently paid nearly $7,000 for each student.

Districts would be shielded from lawsuits if they implement the uniform policy for those grades. School uniforms would have to feature solid colors.

Associated Press

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