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| March 27, 2015


Harvard Business Review

Many people shy away from self-promotion because they don’t want to seem like a jerk. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Try demonstrating your expertise with stories, not words. Saying “I’m great at pitching investors” sounds pretty egotistical; sharing a compelling tale of how you rounded up seed funding allows others to deduce your skill without having to make it explicit. Just don’t hog the spotlight.

If you’re at a party and the talk turns to start-ups, you should mention that you’ve launched one and share the story of your pitch. But if you’re visibly straining to steer the conversation in your direction, people will be turned off.

And when you’re promoting yourself, it’s essential to express humility. Be sensitive to the fact that some accomplishments may make others feel jealous or inadequate. And always credit others when it’s due.

Adapted from “How to Promote Yourself Without Looking Like a Jerk” by Dorie Clark.

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